Feel-good shows on Netflix #1

Since the moment I decided to stop binge-watching on Netflix, I have become pickier with what I want to watch. Before, I wanted to watch everything. And believe me, Netflix releases new shows and movies every single week. It is impossible to watch everything. But I was obsessed with watching most of these things. I wanted to watch all of those things to write reviews. But these days, I barely watch Netflix at all. I only watch what I really want to watch and I only want to watch shows/movies that make me feel good. These are my favourite feel-good shows on Netflix.

Feel-good shows on Netflix

Fuller House
I am kind of sad that Full house is not on Netflix anymore, because I prefer that over this. But it is still very funny and entertaining. I remember the first time watching it, I was not convinced but I am now. Unfortunately, they are not making
new episodes. I don’t think there will ever be new episodes, because Bob Saget passed away this year.
But Fuller House is about DJ, Stephanie and Kimmy but 30 years later. I love that everyone from Full House was still there and they did not replace anyone with another actor. Not even Michelle, who did not join the cast for Fuller house.
But in every episode, something happens, but the ending is always good. It is definitely a show that will make you feel good and laugh. Especially Kimmy and Fernando (Kimmy’s husband) are hilarious.

Grace and Frankie
When I am 70, I want to be like Grace and Frankie. They are older but they show the world that they are not old as in they can’t do anything anymore. They still do a lot of things and it is very funny. Grace and Frankie are two completely different people, but they work so well together. It is genius!
If you haven’t heard of Grace and Frankie before. They are both women who found out that their husbands are in love with each other. Grace and Frankie eventually decide to live together but that is not very easy when you are two different people. Grace is a businesswoman, formal dressed and does not admit she is getting older. Frankie is a very spiritual person and has a crazy ritual for everything and she mostly hippie dresses.

I never thought I would like a costume drama, but I read the first two books and watch the first season and I love it. The narrator is amazing and makes it so interesting to watch. It is not annoying at all. But obviously, I am watching it for the romance. The first book/season is about Daphne and Simon. But the second book is my favourite one so far. It is about Daphne’s brother Anthony and Kate. Kate was so cool in the books and I hope season 2 will not let me down.

Sweet magnolias
Sweet magnolias is a very dramatic show on Netflix, but I think it is a show that will make you feel good. I love the parts when the three women spend time together at the end of the day talking about their lives. They make food and have drinks and they just have a good time. I love that. And besides the drama, there is also romance.

Emily in Paris
The thing I like the most about this show is that they still speak French. Most American shows that take place in Paris are in English. This show is half English, half French and I like that. Again, this show contains a lot of drama. Sometimes it is a little bit too dramatic but it is also about finding love in Paris. Emily finds her neighbour attractive, but he is dating her best friend. In season 2 there is even more drama, but Emily meets a new attractive man called Alfie.

Virgin River
This show definitely contains a lot of drama, but in the end, everything turns out fine. There is also a lot of romance in this show and not just between the two main characters Mel and Jack. Everyone in this show has his/her own storyline and I really like that. This show makes me want to move to a small town like Virgin River, fall in love with a handsome guy and enjoy nature. I know I never will move to a small town, because I also know how boring it can get but still. I agree that there is sometimes a little bit too much drama in this show but I still want to watch it for the romance part.

Sex education
I wish I had a show like this when I was younger because I think this can be a very helpful show when you are a teenager. And it is not boring at all. This show makes me laugh a lot and that is why I put it on my list. Yes, it is about sexuality and genders but it is also about a group of teenagers who are going to high school and a lot of stuff happens. The characters are likeable and it is just one of those shows you want to watch, even when you are older. It is definitely not just for teenagers.

These are my favourite feel-good shows on Netflix at this moment. Which one is your favourite and why?

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