How to deal with hate comments

When you are on social media, it is possible you will get a hate comment sooner or later. Especially when your social media account is growing. Or maybe you just received one and you have no idea how to deal with hate comments. But don’t worry! I am here to help you. I will give you several tips to get over the nasty feeling of receiving hate comments.

Note: There is a difference between a comment that contains feedback and hate comments. Some people can see feedback as a personal attack (a hate comment) when it isn’t.

How to deal with hate comments

1. Take a step back
I think it is best you take a step back first when you receive a hate comment, especially when you just got your first one. It can feel like a personal attack (more about this further in this article) and you probably will respond in a not so good way. Do something else instead first, just try to distract yourself. And later you can take action. You make better decisions when you are in a better place.

2. Deleting hate comments
I have a zero-tolerance when it comes to hate comments on my social media platforms. So when I receive a hate comment I do not reply, I just simply delete the comment. It is a waste of your energy to reply to these people. And most people who leave those hate comments will actually hope you reply. As I mentioned above there is a difference between feedback and a hate comment. Don’t delete the comments with the feedback. I’ve seen several influencers deleting the feedback comments and sometimes it can do more harm than any good. Your followers might probably think you don’t care about their opinions. But if it is just a hate comment, just delete it when you see one.

If one person constantly comes back to your account to leave a hate comment, it is a lot of work to delete all of their comments. So my best advice is just to block these people. That will save you a lot of work.

3. Turn it into something funny
I’ve also seen people reacting to hate comments and their comebacks are really good. I think it is a great idea to turn something negative into something more positive. I really like this idea. There is one thing that could happen though. If you use those hate comments for creating new content, know that can lead to receiving more hate comments. People will leave a hate comment on purpose (even when they don’t mean it) so you will use it for your videos/content. But if you have a strong mindset and you don’t take these hate comments personal, then keep going. If those comments are haunting you and you start thinking negative about yourself, it is better to stop. Taking care of your mental health is way more important.

4. Don’t see it as a personal attack
The first three tips are very basic and easy, but when you receive a hate comment it can affect you. I’ve been there. You suddenly start to think it is all your fault and get more and more negative thoughts. Especially when you are younger you care about other people’s opinions.
But when someone leaves a hate comment on your Tiktok or Instagram account, know that it is not your fault. People who leave a hate comment, are insecure and they feel miserable and miserable love company, so they try to bring other people down. People also leave hate comments because they see you have something that they don’t have and they are jealous.
So basically, you have to feel sorry for them. They are feeling so miserable that they went to your account and left a hate comment. It is kind of sad actually when you think about it.

Now you know why people are leaving hate comments and that can already help to put things in perspective. But you should definitely work on your mindset when you feel bad when you receive a hate comment, especially when you want to be an influencer or do something else online. You have to stop caring about their opinions. I think the best way to do this is to feel good every single day. When I feel good, I honestly don’t care what people are saying. But when I am in a lower mood, I take things more personally.
And when ‘johnr23521512’ or ‘Britney21342135’ leaves a hate comment, just ignore it. Most of those people never use their real names or profile pictures online, because they are scared. And isn’t it weird we care about someone we don’t know opinion?

And of course, you can always decide to turn off the comments, so nobody can leave a comment or you can just ignore the comment section. 

I hope these tips will help you. And if you are one of those people who leave a hate comment every now and then, stop doing that!

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