Tips for period cramps

Being on your period is not a lot of fun. Some don’t experience a lot of symptoms, while others are having the most terrible period cramps. I do also experience those cramps now and then. Sometimes I am perfectly fine when I am on my period and other times, I just want to lay down and sleep. So I can safely say that I have experience with cramps and over the years, I learned how I can relieve those cramps, so these are my tips for period cramps.

Of course, I would like to mention that period cramps are considered normal, but there may be more things going on, especially when your period cramps are really bad. If you experience bad cramps every single month and you can’t do anything else besides laying on your bed, it is better to see a doctor first.

Tips for period cramps

1. Hot water bottle
Some of these tips I am giving to you work better than others. I still wanted to mention them because everyone is different. Maybe something does not work for me very well, while other people swear by it. A hot water bottle is very nice when you are on your period. I love the warmth, especially in the colder months. Does it help a lot with my cramps, no? When I use a hot water bottle, I feel it is helping a little bit but for me, I mostly use it because it is warm. Sometimes when I am on my period I am cold and then a hot water bottle is perfect.

2. Distraction
Have you ever heard someone saying: your thoughts can make you sick. It is basically the placebo effect but the other way around. When you constantly have those thoughts that you are feeling sick, you will feel sick. Your mind is a powerful tool. In our society we always talk about how much it hurt to get your period, right? I am definitely not talking about everyone here, but for me personally, I feel when I am distracted I don’t experience any discomfort at all. The thing is I’ve heard those painful stories for ages now and I started to believe them. When I am about to get my period, I immediately start to think about taking two days off and the pain. But I am trying to figure out if my mind is always making me feel sicker than I really am.

Anyway, I think distraction does not hurt to try. I like to read a good book or watch something on Netflix for a while. At least, you take your mind off your pain.

3. Taking naps
I think this has also something to do with thinking about my period cramps all the time when I am on my period. But when I take a nap (if possible) I feel amazing when I wake up again and the cramps are gone. It is not easy to fall asleep when you experience a lot of cramps, but you can always try. I think it is always good to slow down when you are on your period. A lot of things are going on in your body and maybe you feel extra tired. So take a nap when you have the time. You deserve that.

4. Slowing down
As I said above, slowing down is important in my eyes. Even in the days before I feel more tired and it is even harder to climb the stairs. So on my period days, I plan fewer things. I allow myself to slow down a little bit more. I think the most important thing is to listen to your body. If you feel exhausted, maybe that is your sign to slow down.

5. Massages
If you have lower back pain (because of different reasons) all the time, this might be the golden tip for you. My lower back is pretty stiff all the time. I am working on it by doing yoga more often now, but it is not over yet. But when I have cramps, I noticed that massaging my lower back really helps and it feels so good. Every time I have cramps, I immediately start to massage my lower back and the pain is gone within seconds. I think this has something to do when blood circulation, but I am not an expert. Anyway, it does not hurt to try it. And it feels amazing and relaxing. If you don’t have someone in your life who wants to give you a massage, you can do it yourself.

6. Light exercises
I said slowing down is good for your body. But above I also mention bad blood circulation. Besides massaging yourself, it can also help to go out for a walk or a bike ride. I love to ride my bike when I just got my period. I still realized this trick to relieve period cramps a few years ago on a random Saturday. I wanted to go somewhere but I just got my period. At first, I wanted to stay home but I decided to go anyway. I took my bike and not much later I realized this was helping with my cramps.

7. Painkillers
There are a lot of ways to relieve those pains. I always wait super long before the pain gets unbearable before I take something. For me, paracetamol is the medicine to go. But others prefer other things. But I always try the other tips on this list first before I take my paracetamol.
And if you don’t want to take a painkiller, there is a natural way to kill the pain. Having an orgasm can also help with cramps. And you don’t need a partner to do this obviously. It is purely to have an orgasm and relieve those cramps.

Do you experience period cramps? If yes, what is your favourite way to relieve those cramps?

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