10 things I like #1

The other day, I already shared a few facts about me with you here on my blog. Today it is time to get to know myself a little bit better. I was on TikTok and there was this song it had the same vibe as Miley Cyrus’ song ’10 things about you.’ And that song gave me the inspiration to share the 10 things I like.

And if you want you can let me know in the comments if we have something in common.

10 things I like

It is no secret I love to read books. I read mostly romance stuff because it gives me all the cosy, cute and happy feelings. Sometimes I can read for hours without taking any breaks if the book is that good and I have enough time. Most of the time I make time to read after I come home from work around 8 PM. It is the perfect way to end the day and it also helps to fall asleep faster I also sleep a lot better and deeper when I read in the evening.

Plants and buying new plants
This ‘addiction’ started at the beginning of the pandemic, I think. Just like other people I started to buy plants and give them a home. I also love to go to the garden centre for fun. It just feels so good to spend my time between the plants. At the garden centre, I go to, they also have 2 turtles which are super cute (not for sale obviously). But I just love to buy plants and see them thrive and grow.

The beach
I haven’t been to the beach in a while now, but I am planning a trip to the coast very soon as soon it gets a little bit warmer. I think I could spend hours on the beach with a book, especially in the evening when it is less busy. But I am not that kind of woman who likes to lay down all day just to get a tan. I prefer maybe reading or walking on the beach. I immediately feel relaxed as soon I hear the waves of the ocean.

Movie nights
I love to watch movies and movie nights are my favourite. I would love to have a friend I can share this with, just like Lorelai and Rory did in Gilmore Girls. Although, the first time I see a new movie, everyone has to be quiet. Most of the time I like to watch something cute and romantic, but I am also okay with other types of movies. Sometimes I like action movies too.

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I don’t have a cat, but I babysit (or catsit) a cat sometimes and it is the best thing ever. I love to cuddle and play with them. I also like to talk to them. They are great friends and your secrets are safe with them. I am not sure if I ever want to adopt a new cat in the future. Because my heart broke when my last cat (Kiwi) died and at that time I said I would never adopt a cat anymore because I hate losing a dear friend. But who knows. Or maybe I find my dream guy and he already has cats. Also, I don’t hate other pets. I like them too but cats are just my favourites.

If I had to eat the same thing every single day, I would pick pizza. These days there are tons of different kinds of pizza. I know some people get mad about this, but I also like pineapple. I honestly don’t understand the hate. Somehow it works on a pizza. But I think my favourite pizza is Funghi because I like mushrooms on a pizza a lot. And pizza is great comfort food or when you don’t have a lot of time to make dinner, pizza is also the perfect dish.

Okay, I am going, to be honest, and say I am not a baking expert and I haven’t baked anything in such a long time. And it is even crazier that I am not the biggest fan of pie either. I mostly like it when there is chocolate in it. but I want to make something soon for my birthday. But right now, I just love to watch the Dutch version of the Great British Bake-off and at the beginning of the summer GBBO will be on tv too. I just love those cosy vibes. I am always impressed by what they are always making. The bakers are always so creative and I love that. To be honest, It would be even better if they would air it on tv in autumn, because in my opinion that is the ultimate baking season for me.

I am a person who loves to cuddle. I think I could cuddle for hours. Hopefully, I find my dream guy who also loves to cuddle with me. Because right now, I can only cuddle with cats. Most of my friends don’t like to hug actually. Maybe I need to find new friends who also like to hug. I can already see myself laying on the couch cuddling with this guy on a rainy day watching a movie. This sounds like the perfect rainy Sunday to me.

Drinking tea
I tried drinking coffee, and it is not that I don’t like the taste of it but it makes me feel tired after an hour. That is why I only stick to tea. And did you know there are a few teas that are also healthy and have a lot of benefits? I drink green tea with lemon when I feel a bit sick, I drink chamomile tea before bedtime because it helps to relax and there are so many other great teas. I even grow my mint plants, so I can drink my fresh mint tea. I have heard that is not a common way of drinking mint tea in other countries. But for me, mint tea is just boiling water plus a few leaves of mint.

Going to festivals
I like concerts, but festivals are just better. The vibe is just better and everyone is more relaxed. Most of the people don’t care if they are really front row and they just want to have fun. You go to a concert for specific artists but you go to festivals for the vibe and to have fun. My favourite festival in the Netherlands is Lowlands but I would love to try other festivals too. I heard there are amazing festivals in the United Kingdom and of course, there is Coachella. I want to see with my own eyes if the hype is worth it. It also feels good to live without your phone for a few days.



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