We’ll always have summer – Jenny Han

Title: We’ll always have summer
Author: Jenny Han
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Genre: Drama, romance
Pages: 320
My Rating: 8/10

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We’ll always have summer

In the first book, Belly was not even 16 years old and she always had a crush on Conrad but he was acting all weird that summer. But he knew his mother (Suzannah was dying) and Belly had no idea. They started dating, but the broke up in the second book. Then Belly started dating Jeremiah, his brother, and they are pretty serious. In book 3 Jeremiah asks Belly to marry him. Is Belly ready for a wedding with Jeremiah or does a part of her heart still belong to Conrad?


I believe in the first book, I thought Conrad was stupid for acting weird. But at the end of that book, you get to know why he has been acting all weird. But I was still shipping Belly and Jeremiah because they were like best friends. I love when friends become lovers. In the second book, I thought it would be better for everyone if Belly picked another guy instead of Jeremiah or Conrad. And guess what? In book 3 I changed my mind again! In this book, I was shipping Belly and Conrad together. Biggest reason? Jeremiah had sex with another girl.

Okay, that situation was pretty similar to the situation in the famous series friends when Rachel and Ross broke up and he had sex with someone else. Rachel responded they were not broken up. This was the same situation, but somehow Belly forgave Jeremiah pretty quickly. If I were her, I would have dumped him. But she did the opposite and wants to marry him. But the whole time you notice she wants to be with Conrad.

I also remember when I said I did not like book 1 that much, but I liked book 2 better. Well, book 3 is my favourite I think. And as a whole, I like this book series. I would have never expected that. Imagine that I stopped reading after the first book feeling disappointed and missing everything that happened in books 2 and 3.

I am happy I read book 3. It got better and better and eventually, I got the ending I wanted. I love a good happy ending. So, if you are not sure if you want to read this series, just do it. And if you don’t like the first book that much, as I did, just try to finish the whole series. Because it gets better and better. And that does not only apply to the story but also to the writing in my opinion. These are the kind of books, you could easily read in a day(probably not all of them). These books are the perfect books to read this summer. It takes place at a beach house most of the time, giving you that holiday feeling. It makes me want to rent something at the beach.

And now I am pretty excited to watch the series on Prime. I don’t have Prime right now, but I think I will try it for a month. That is how badly I want to see this series.



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