Books I read in April 2021

April was not a great reading month for me, even though I wanted to read more. But eventually, I just read 3 books, which is still great I guess. But I already know that I want to read 10 books in May and I am really going to make time for that every evening and weekends. You can always follow me on Instagram, to see if I am really going to read more books this month. You can also check my blog in a month for an update. But these are the books I read in April.

Books I read in April 2021

defensive play
1. Defensive play –  Jamie Deacon

The first book I read in April was Defensive play by Jamie Deacon Defensive play is about Davey, he plays in his high school football team and he is gay but nobody knows. One day he and his team have to play a game and that is when he meets Adam. Adam is one of the players on the other’s team. And he immediately feels attracted to him when he sees him, he. This book reminded me of the heartstopper comic book series, which I also liked. This e-book had around 200 pages (the paperback has like 80 pages), which means is a super short book but I still enjoyed it. It is cute and heart-warming.

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Siri, Who am I
2. Siri, who am I? – Sam Tschida

In Siri, who am I? a woman wakes up in the hospital with amnesia. She has no idea who she really is until her phone tells her that her name is Mia. Somehow the hospital let her go out of the hospital, even though she has no idea where she lives or anything else besides her name. She is trying to find out what happened to her, who pushed her off the stairs and who she really is. Funny about a woman who thinks she is a girl boss but actually isn’t. But the story could have been better because I think it is weird that the doctors weren’t really helping her, even though she had no idea where she lived.

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Just the way I am
3. Just the way I am – Jo Watson

After reading ‘Siri, who am I?’ I picked another e-book randomly and I picked this one. But I had no idea that this book was also about a woman with amnesia. On the other hand, now I just could compare these books and see which one I would like better. This one is written by Jo Watson and I love all of her books. And yes, I think this book was better than ‘Siri, who am I’ because this time the hospital wouldn’t let her go out of the hospital, but she still escaped anyway. But together with the paramedic who helped her, she is trying to figure out who she really is. This book is romantic, funny and just perfect if you like to read those cliché romance books as I do.

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These are the books I read in April, how many did you read this month?



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