What is a manifestation box


There are a lot of different kind of tools you can use if you are trying to manifest things. For example, you can use a vision board or you can start journaling. I have a hard time to let it go and that is not great. Because when you desperately think about the things you want to manifest, it will get so much harder to manifest it. You have to make your wish and then you have to let it go. And I finally found the perfect manifestation tool for it: the manifestation box.

What is a manifestation box?

A manifestation box is a pretty easy and fun tool to use, in order to manifest things. The only things you need is a box and piece of paper, pen and/or pictures of the things you want.

And it really doesn’t matter what kind of box it is. It can be anything. It can just be a shoebox or maybe a tissue box. You can always decide to decorate it. It is your box, your decision. See this manifestation as a mailbox to the universe.

How does it work?

You take the time and sit down. You first have to know what you really want. For example, you want to get a dog. You write down on a piece of paper what kind of dog you want or if you prefer using pictures, use a picture of the dog you want. Hold it in your hand and take a minute (or two) to think about it. See it as it already happened. So imagine you walking your dog and taking care of him/her. Feel how it would make you feel.

NOTE: And if you are writing it down instead of using pictures. Use and finish this sentence: I am so happy and grateful now that……….

So if you want to get a dog, say: I am so happy and grateful now that I have a golden retriever. He/she is the sweetest and loves long walks.

After you visualised, you just put this piece of paper or picture into the box. And you just let it go. Put the box away, in your closet or something. And after a few weeks/month you can always get the box to see what you have manifested. But give it time and don’t think about it too much. And don’t doubt this technique. I mean, if you send a postcard to your aunt, would you doubt if she would receive it? No! You know that she is going to receive it.

You just go on with your life and don’t forget to feel good.

Do you have a law of Attraction technique that you use?



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