Aptyical season 1

Title: Atypical season 1
Actors: Jennifer Jason Leigh, Keir Gilchrist, Brigette Lundy-Paine and more
Creators: Robia Rashid
Length episode: 30 minutes
My Rating: 4/5

About Atypical season 1

Atpyical is about Sam who is an guy with autism. He is 18 now and wants to get a girlfriend. With the help of his family, therapist and friend Zahid, he is trying to find the right girl for him. Someone who accepts him the way he is.

His sister Casey is a very talented athlete and she gets scouted by another school (Clayton prep school). And at the same time she is dealing with other things like does she wants to this school and getting her first boyfriend.

Elsa Gardner is the overprotective mother of Sam. Now Sam doesn’t really need her around 24/7, she is looking for some distraction and she finds it with another man. But at the same time is also happy with her husband.

Doug is having some troubles communicating with Sam, but it is finally getting better. They are finally getting along and Sam is asking his help more often.



I like how Casey described her boyfriend Evan as Evan Tube in her phone, because he once got suspended from school because he stole a Tuba. Casey is my favorite person in this series. It kind of feels like she is me in a weird way. I mean, I also have a brother with autism. So I kind of get how she feels sometimes. I also had a hard time when I was younger because my brother was getting all of the attention. And I basically had to do weird and stupid stuff to get attention.

Elsa was very stupid to start a relationship with the bartender. I mean, what was she thinking? I mean, she looked happy in her relationship with Doug. I think it was because she was missing something. Sam wants to do more things alone and now Elsa has more free time. But instead of hooking up with someone, maybe she should’ve gotten a hobby or something.

It felt like this season was an introduction. You know how series have a pilot episode, so you get to know the characters a little bit better? That is how I was feeling during the first season of Atpyical. Not that it was a bad thing. I still enjoyed it. I loved the conversations between Sam and his friend Zahid. I think Zahid is a really great friend for him. Okay, Zahid talks about girls a lot but he also gives great advice. And he cares about Sam too.



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