Along for the ride – Movie review

Title: Along for the ride
Actors: Emma Pasarov, Belmont Cameli and more
Director: Sofia Alvarez
Writers: Sarah Dessen, Sofia Alvarez
Genre: Romance, drama
My Rating: 8/10

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Along for the ride

Auden has always been a wallflower. At home and at school she is the perfect student/girl. Her mother wants the perfect life for her but because of that, she has been missing out on many things. Now she is spending the summer at her dad’s and stepmother’s house. She is trying to bond with him, but he is always very busy. But spending time in a different city/place gives her the chance to be someone else and do all the things a teenager would do. And she does not have to do it alone, she gets the help of Eli. Eli is the mysterious guy who does not talk a lot about his own past.


Apparently, this movie is based on a book written by Sarah Dessen. I have to admit I only found out after watching the movie. I have heard of Sarah before but never read a book by her. Normally, I like to read the book first because it is so much better to imagine what a character would like.

This movie already came out a month ago I think but I only watched it this weekend. I guess I was just too busy. But I am surprised I did not see anyone talk about this movie in the last couple of weeks. Everyone is always talking about certain movies and series on my Twitter timeline but I can’t remember anyone talking about this movie. Which is kind of weird in my opinion. This deserves a lot more attention! This movie was maybe pretty long (almost two hours I believe) but it did not feel like a long movie. In my opinion, it did not get boring.

Auden has always been the perfect kid and now she has the chance to be someone else. Which I sort of relating to. Not specifically about doing teen stuff, but other things. Or maybe social media makes me feel I am missing out on certain things. Anyway, I could relate to her even though the main character is a lot younger than me. But I think a lot of people can relate to this. Almost everyone wonders what would happen if they pretend to be someone else.

I have to say that the romance movies on Netflix are getting better and better. A few years ago, they released a few romance movies, but most of the time the acting or the storyline was just really bad. But I think it is getting a lot better. Most of the romance movies I’ve seen this year on Netflix were pretty good. I really liked ‘A perfect pairing‘ and this movie was actually good too. I think it was a smart move of Netflix to make more books into movie adaptions. If a book is popular, it means the storyline is already good. And if a lot of people like a book, you will attract a lot of those people to your platform (Netflix in this case). People are always curious if the producers and writers did a great job. I know I am.

This movie was definitely a feel-good movie where the character development was good. I think every person in this movie grew as a person. At first, I was afraid that this movie would be a mean girls’ movie, just based on the first few scenes. But the girls were really nice. It was nice to see that kind of positive energy. This is the perfect movie for a movie night. It was a beautiful feel-good movie. I can definitely recommend this one.

After watching this movie, I am sure I will check out other books by Sarah Dessen. I really like this movie/story, so I think I might like her books too.



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