Count your lucky stars – Alexandria Bellefleur

Title: Count your lucky stars
Author: Alexandria Bellefleur
Publisher: Avon
Genre: Romance
Pages: 380
My Rating: 6.5/10

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Count your lucky stars

Eleven years Olivia and Margot were having the best time of their lives together. Olivia just broke up with her boyfriend Brad and Margot always had a crush on Olivia. That one week on spring break, they kissed and had a lot of sex. But the moment Brad came back, Olivia left Margot and went on with her life. She even went to the same college as Brad, even though the plan was to go to college with Margot.
Now, Olivia is the wedding planner of Margot’s best friend and that same day Olivia moves into Margot’s house because her own apartment had a lot of water damage. Suddenly all of those feelings are rushing back.


Count your lucky stars was a cute romance movie about two women who had a fun week together many years ago. At first, I thought it was going to be something like ‘The wedding planner’ movie with Jennifer Lopez, where the wedding planner would steal the bride and they would fall in love. But no, just after a few pages it became clear it was the best friend of the couple who was in trouble. She was about to fall in love again with the same woman 11 years ago.

If you don’t like explicit and detailed sex scenes then this book is not the one for you. There were a few sex scenes and very detailed. But luckily for me, it does not bother me at all. But I have to say, that sometimes I had the feeling that it was just about the sex. And maybe that was the writer’s intention, because Margot thought Olivia just liked the sex and that she did not want more. Yes, there was a sexual attraction but love is so much more than just having sex. I was kind of missing that in my opinion.

I liked the rest of the story and of course, there was a massive fight at the end. I think the recipe for romance books and movies is just always the same. They fall in love, they fight and then happy ending. But you don’t hear me complaining. I like it somehow. And it does not get boring at all. I like how it builds up to that fight and that moment when they make it up to each other. Most of the time it is so romantic.

To me, this book is not the best or the worst romance book I’ve ever read. It is just an okay one. The storyline was good, the writing style was okay, not my favourite style though and the characters were just likeable. Of course, this is just my opinion and everyone is different. So you might like this book a lot and that is totally fine. In my opinion, it was just missing something, that little extra chemistry between the two characters.



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