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Title: All of us are dead
Actors: Park Solomon, Ji-hu Park, Chan-Young Yoon
Director: J.Q. Lee, Kim Nam-Soo
Writers: Seong-il Cheon
Genre: Horror
My Rating: 7.5/10

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All of us are dead

One of the teachers at a high school was experimenting. His son got bullied a lot and he wanted to make him stronger but that did not go according to plan. Instead, he created a deadly virus that turn human beings into zombies who wants to kill. He locked his family up at his own house so it could not spread but one of his hamsters was also infected with the virus. One of the other students at the school was playing with the hamster when she found it but the hamster bite her and that is the start of the fast-spreading virus. Within no time students turn into zombies and eventually the whole city has to run for their lives. Different students are trying to survive while they find a way out and hope that someone will rescue them soon. But they have to be careful because a virus can always mutate and become more dangerous.


I love to watch a good zombie series or movie. I used to watch The Walking Dead too. I remember how that story started after Rick woke up out of his coma in an empty hospital and eventually he finds the others including his family. Fear The Walking Dead was more about how it all started and how it spread. I think I like that the most. That you have an idea how their world looked like before the virus. In All of us are dead, you also see how it started and how (fast) it spread.

Different from The Walking Dead is that this show is mostly about teenagers because it all started at their school. In the beginning, there is a lot of chaos because nobody knows exactly what is going on. But soon they realize it is a bad thing if one of them bites you. Because within a few seconds they turned into zombies. I know I am constantly comparing this to TWD, but that is the most popular show about zombies I’ve ever seen but there are a few differences. In TWD it takes longer to turn into a zombie. In All of us are dead they become zombies almost instantly, which makes it more interesting. In TWD you had to opportunity to run away or kill this person before he or she changed. All of us are dead they don’t have to run away and it spreads like wildfire.

This show mostly follows a group of teenagers who are trapped at school. I liked this group. But so many things happened. In TWD you knew that someone from the group was going to die eventually, but most of the time the main characters would survive. Well, If you are going to watch this series, make sure you don’t have a favourite because there are a lot of plot twists and some of the kids are going to die. I liked that. It is refreshing to see that not every one of the main characters is going to survive. One thing that annoyed me and that is probably because I watched too much of TWD that was they did not even try to kill those zombies. They were fighting them but nobody tried to make them dead for real (kill the brain).

Another annoying thing was they were constantly fighting about stupid things. I mean, zombies were coming for them and they were arguing. But I guess in that kind of life or death situation, crazy things can happen. You are scared to die and you feel threatened, even by those who were still alive. But they did not have a plan. They had no food or water. I am surprised they survived.

I still have a lot of questions though. So I am hoping for some answers. I don’t want to spoil too much but not everyone got the same variant of this virus. It was mutating, just like any other virus, and I wonder if there are still more of those ‘halbies’ (Half zombies) walking around. And what is going to happen next? I don’t expect everything will be normal again for those teenagers. But are there still zombies walking around? Is the virus still spreading? I have so many questions and I need the answers! I guess I just have to wait for the second and hope they will answer my questions. Because I am still wondering who is still alive.

This show is perfect for everyone who likes zombies and liked The Walking dead. The episodes were pretty long (over an hour) but it was worth it. There are 12 episodes and 11 episodes were about surviving the first few days. I watched one episode a day and every time a lot of crazy things were happening. This was not boring at all. I enjoyed this show and I can recommend it.



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