Super Attractor – Gabrielle Bernstein

Title: Super attractor
Author: Gabrielle Bernstein
Publisher: Hay House Inc
Genre: Non-fiction, Law of Attraction
Pages: 248
My Rating: 8/10

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Super Attractor

This book is about the Law of Attraction and Gabrielle Bernstein’s own story and experiences. Gabrielle was once in a bad place too and she turned her life around and is now a bestselling author. This book shares how you can change your life with just a few techniques. This book shows you how you can get more positive thoughts and why you should focus on feeling good.
This book is for everyone who wants to feel better daily and is ready to change his/her life.


I bought this book a long time ago but I still had to read it. At the beginning of this year, I decided to read a few pages or a whole chapter every single morning as a part of my morning routine. I was ready to change a couple of things about my life and I thought this book could help me with this. I was feeling stuck in a negative spiral. And maybe I was even getting desperate to change my life.

I found out about the Law of Attraction a few years ago and the way I found out was pretty magical. I was burned out and was in a really bad place. I was still a student and was feeling so much pressure. I did not take care of my body and mental health. Then one day I went on YouTube and found The Secret documentary. But change did not happen immediately. First of all, you have to work for it. But in my case, I was too desperate to change my life and I was really pushing it. I was still trying to control the outcome. And I still do that sometimes.

I think this book came at the perfect moment because I wanted to change my life. I loved reading about the Law of Attraction but it was always very focused on getting things. But the reason why we want certain things is that it makes us feel good. We want that new job because it will make us feel good. We want that relationship because we want to feel loved. We want that new big car because it makes us feel wealthy. While a lot of books talk about getting those things, this book focused more on the feeling good part. Because in the end, that is what we really want and need. If we got that new car but we aren’t happy or feeling wealthy, the car does not even matter to us. And getting that car will never give us that feeling. This book shows how we can shift our focus from a negative thought to a more positive thought. Gabrielle shares a great technique in this book and it is helping me a lot. Sometimes it is harder to get out of that negative spiral, but you just have to try and try. And we don’t have to go from ‘my life sucks’ to ‘my life is wonderful’ in one step. That is almost impossible. But instead of saying ‘my life sucks’, you can say what is going well in your life or what you like. At first, seeing the good things in life can be a challenge. Take a few minutes to focus on gratitude every day and eventually it will become easier.

Gabrielle also shares that we should do more things that will make us feel good and stop doing the things that do not feel good to us anymore. This is also one of the reasons why I stopped binge-watching Netflix the other day. At first, I was excited to write reviews about movies and series, but lately, it felt more like a chore and I was not enjoying it anymore. So I stopped doing that. Find out what makes you happy. Start dancing in the morning, have dinner parties with your friends or go out for a walk. And if you found out what makes you really happy, do that more often. Find ways to make your days more exciting. This book definitely inspired me to do that. Right now, I am making a list of things that I like to do and I try to do that more often.

This book really helped me to shift my focus from negative to more positive thoughts. I am still working on it, but I feel a little bit better already. It is also something you have to work on every single day. You can’t do it one time and expect amazing results immediately. It is like training your body in the gym. It takes time to see results but it will be worth it.

I can definitely recommend this book to everyone who is into the Law of Attraction and who is stuck in a negative place. The techniques can help you to become more positive. This book will inspire you to become a better and happier version of yourself. It is also not too complicated. Some Law of Attraction books can be very complicated and hard to understand, but this was definitely very easy. Of course, if you want to read this book, keep an open mind otherwise it won’t work for you.

And if you liked this book, you can also look up Abraham (or Esther) Hicks on Youtube. Gabrielle mentioned her a few times in this book and she also talks about the Law of Attraction in those Youtube videos. It is a great way to start your day. They are not too long and you start the day well by feeling good and the rest of the day you will be more focused on feeling good.



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