Things you can do alone on Valentine’s day

Valentine’s day is coming. When you are dating someone, you would love to spend this day with your partner, but what if you are single this year?  You do not want to cry in a corner and feel sorry for yourself, right? And you don’t have to! Being single on Valentine’s day does not mean you can’t do something fun. I made a list of things you can do alone this valentine’s day.

In my opinion, Valentine’s day is about love (obviously) but that does not mean it is only about you and your partner. I think this day of love also means you take care of yourself and practise some self-love or you share the love with your friends and family. This day reminds me that love is beautiful, no matter where it comes from. I also recommend sharing this love that is inside of you more often and not only on Valentine’s day. You can also celebrate love on any random day.

Things you can do alone on Valentine’s day

Girls night
You are probably not the only one who is single this year on Valentine’s day, especially when you have a lot of friends. To find out who is single and has no plans and invite them for a girls night. Make something good or buy pizza, buy a few drinks (alcohol and non-alcohol) and just have fun. You can also watch a movie together, maybe a romantic one or something less romantic, so it does not remind you that you are single this year.

If you want to meet someone, maybe even the love of your life. Go on Tinder and find yourself, someone. And who knows? Maybe this person is the love of your life and you have a great story to tell about how you two met on Valentine’s day.

Clean up your apartment
Your apartment is a mess and you know it! Well, it is a good thing then you have no date for tonight. This means you do not have another excuse. It is time to deep-clean your apartment. Turn on some great music and clean everything. And whether you like to clean or not, it will feel better when your apartment is super clean again.

Read a book
Do you remember that one book you still want to read, the one that is still unopened on your nightstand? Well, this is the night you can read this book. Or you can also buy a new book. I would recommend something cheesy and romantic because it always puts me in a great mood but of course, you can read anything you want to.

Movie night
Maybe there is a movie you still want to see at the cinema. Well, this is your night. Take yourself or maybe a friend on a date and just have fun. Are you scared to do something alone, especially on this night? Don’t worry, nobody cares about you. I know this sounds harsh. We are always worried about what other people think of us, but trust me when I say nobody cares. Everyone is too busy with themselves and thinking about what other people think about them. So go! And take yourself on that date. You deserved it.

Make your favourite dinner
In my opinion, you should always be nice to yourself and treat yourself to something now and then. I also agree that Valentine’s day is the perfect day for self-love. So what is your favourite meal? Make it or buy it and just enjoy your meal. Make it a little extra special and lit some candles and get your favourite drink.

(Online) shopping
No date means you are not getting anything for Valentine’s day either. But that does not mean you can’t treat yourself to something nice. Go online shopping at your favourite store and buy something nice for yourself. Or if you have the day off today, go to the mall and go shopping. I always prefer to shop at the physical stores because you immediately know if it is going to fit and when it looks great on you or not. Maybe you can buy yourself that one perfume that is still on your wishlist or buy yourself a plant or flowers. This is the day to treat yourself to something nice. You don’t have to spend any money on someone else, because you have no date. But that means you can spend some money on yourself.

Send your friends and family a card
And don’t forget to include your name, because you don’t want to cause trouble when one of your friends is in a relationship and their partner finds the valentine’s card. But I think Valentine’s day is not just about celebrating love with your partner, but it is also a great day for self-love and sharing love with friends and family. Send your mother a few roses or bake a cake for your grandmother. Just spread the love. Be extra nice to everyone.

Spend some time with yourself this evening and do whatever you need at that moment. I can’t answer this question for you, so listen to your body for what it needs. Our bodies always let us know what it needs, but sometimes we forget to listen. So this evening is for you. Is your body screaming for vitamins, make a salad and eat fruit. Maybe you are stressed, take a bath or do something else that will help you to relax. Maybe you want to book a massage. We should be nice to ourselves too. Stop being so hard on yourself. Treat yourself as you would treat your friend. You would never say to your friend that she is stupid and she needs to work even harder. You would listen to what she needs and give her the best advice you can give. And stop listening to that voice in your head, it is not who you are. It is your ego talking!

What are your plans for this Valentine’s day? Don’t worry if you are single this year. You will find someone one day and if you don’t want to find that person, that is okay too. Do what makes you happy and not what everyone expects from you.

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