About Fate (2022) | Movie Review

Title: About Fate
Actors: Emma Roberts, Thomas Mann, Britt Robertson and more
Director: Marius Vaysberg
Writers: Tiffany Paulsen, Eldar Ryazanov
Genre: Romance
My Rating: 8/10

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About Fate

Margot has been dating Kip for three months now and when he wants to talk, she thinks he is going to propose to her. Griffin is going to propose to his influencer girlfriend Clementine the same evening, at the same restaurant. But their night is not going to as planned. Margot gets dumped and Clementine says yes but Griffin has to propose again on New Year’s Eve because she wants it on tape for her followers. The next day, Griffing is drunk and the cab driver brings him to 15 Maple drive, but he isn’t realizing he is at the wrong 15 Maple Drive. Because lives in Westwood and the other one in Norwood. When Margot comes home, she finds a naked stranger in her bed. But she is desperate and she asks him to be her date at her wedding. She can’t show up without a date because that would ruin her sister’s wedding and that is the last thing she wants to do.


First of all, I liked this movie. The two main characters meet in a very interesting way. Which leads me to the following questions: how is it possible that there are two maple drives in one city? Also, all of the houses look the same: basic, boring and without character. It was basically mass production, but with houses. That is one thing I noticed. 

Their lives are pretty similar too. They live in the same house, they have basically the same cat, a Breakfast at tiffany’s poster and even the layout of their houses is the same apparently. It was sort of freaky. It is one thing to have in common, but Margot was a female version of Griffin. Or the other way around. 

One thing that annoyed me was Margot’s sister, Carrie, portrayed by Britt Robertson. She was this crazy bride. Why would she get mad at Margot for not having a date for a wedding? She was saying that would ruin her whole wedding. She was very dramatic and not so nice to Margot. She was always blaming her. I know some brides become evil, but this was the next level. Good news: they have a quick conversation about their relationship and suddenly everything was okay and Carrie became the supportive sister. 

But as I said, I liked this movie. It was cute, they both developed a lot of romantic feelings in just a few hours which is impressive. But I don’t care because it is just a movie. Not the pretty and fit boy wins, but true love wins. I always like Emma Roberts, so that was a plus too. The cast contains a lot of big stars: Britt Robertson, Madelaine Petsch and Thomas Mann looked familiar too. They were all great, but I think it was better for the whole movie that Dana wasn’t overreacting too much. I like her confidence and all, but it was over the top for this movie. The part where she picks a stranger and kisses him, was not necessary to make her point.

Overall, I still liked this movie. There was definitely chemistry between the two main characters. But the most important thing is that I enjoyed watching this movie. I liked it and I would recommend it.



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