A California Christmas

Title: A California Christmas
Actors: Lauren Swickard, Josh Swickard, All Afshar
Director: Shaun Paul Piccinino
Writers: Lauren Swickard
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
My Rating: 7/10

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A California Christmas

Joseph has to prove he can do something except flirt with women. His mom gives him the opportunity to do something good for the family company. He has to get a hardworking and young farmer to sell her family’s land before Christmas. But the owner (Callie) is not ready to sell this land.


First of all, for a moment I thought the lead characters were brother and sister because they had the same last name. But that would have been so weird because they kissed each other. Turns out, they are married in real life. And that explains the chemistry between the two actors.

A California Christmas sounds like it should be a Christmas movie but it actually isn’t. So it doesn’t matter when you are going to watch this movie. Only the last scene might be a little bit Christmassy but that is it. So I was a little bit disappointed to find out it was just a ‘normal’ rom-com movie with a Christmas movie title.

But if you put that aside, it was a pretty decent story. I really liked it. If you have watched Netflix original movies before and especially the romantic ones, you will know that not every single movie is that great. Sometimes I am even very disappointed by a Netflix Original movie. But I am getting this feeling Netflix and their writers/producers are improving themselves but this one is actually than a lot of those romance movies I’ve seen on Netflix.

Sometimes during a movie, I also look at my phone. But that is only when the movie isn’t that interesting. But I realized I only looked on my phone once during this movie. And that was only to see what time it was.

And I was reading some of the reviews on the IMDB website and I agreed with most of them. It was not a Christmas movie, but it was a decent romance movie and the real star is actually Manny (played by David Del Rio). He was my favorite in this movie. And apparently, he was Kolio in Pitch Perfect and played in Grease Live as Putzie. I loved his role in this movie.

A California Christmas is a pretty good romance movie. A recommendation if you ask me because it is more than just about the romance. It is also about the relationship between a mother and her daughters. I liked it.



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