5 reasons why you should watch ‘First Kill’

Most of the time, I like to watch romantic movies on Netflix, but Netflix does not produce a lot of romance movies. although ‘Along for the ride’ and ‘The perfect pairing’ were really good. But don’t produce enough romance series or movies in my opinion. They produce tons of science fiction/fantasy stuff. But there is one other reason why I still had Netflix. I love vampires too. Nobody expects this from me, but I really like to watch those movies/series. I loved The Vampire Diaries a lot. And now they released a new series and today I give 5 reasons why you should watch ‘First kill’.

5 reasons why you should watch ‘First Kill’

1. Vampires
This series contains all sorts of kinds of monsters, but they focus on a vampire family. Juliette is the youngest of the legacy family. They are very strong vampires and very hard to kill. Juliette has always lived without killing anyone, but she is getting older and it becomes harder not to kill someone. But that is not the life she wants. She wants to have a normal life. I normally read and watch romantic things, but somehow I love a good vampire story. And this was a great first season.

2. Forbidden love
Juliette is the vampire, Calliope is the monster hunter. They shouldn’t fall in love with each other, but they do. They sneak out to see each other. And they don’t listen when their families forbid them to see each other. It is kind of a Romeo and Juliet story. I think they only changed Romeo into Calliope.

3. A lot of action
Vampires kill and so do monster hunters. Put those groups together and you get a lot of action. The hunters are trying to destroy every monster they see and vampires don’t care who they kill, they just need to drink blood. It was absolutely not boring at all and I loved every single moment of this new series I think this series could become a new hit. I think it deserves more seasons.

4. Great intro
Do you know those shows when the intro or the intro song is just so cool, that you don’t want to skip the intro? I have the same with the ‘first kill’ intro. I really like the intro song and I don’t want to skip it. I think it is really hard to make a catchy intro that you don’t want to skip. I can only remember that I did not skip intros on Gilmore Girls, Friends and La casa de Papel. But that is it. Most of the time I don’t care about the intros.

5. Perfect for Vampire diaries fans
I think if you loved Vampire Diaries, you might like this series. I was pretty sad when Vampire diaries ended. As I mentioned above, I like a good vampire story. But lately, I haven’t seen anything good. But this is actually really good. I like the forbidden love aspect of this story. I really hope it gets the attention it deserves. If you like Vampire Diaries, just watch this. You will not regret it.




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