Things I am currently manifesting #1

I am into the Law of Attraction. If you feel good, you will get more reasons to feel good. When you feel angry all the time, you will attract more things to be angry about. That is just how life works. Most people think feeling good is the only thing you have to do, but that is not true. You also have to take inspired action. You can’t sit on the couch and expect you will manifest a relationship or a new car. Sure, it happens sometimes but a lot of the time your intuition tells you what to do besides feeling amazing most of the time. Some people have a very long list of the things they want to manifest, but right now there are just four things I am currently manifesting.

Things I am currently manifesting

1. Full-time income by doing the things I love the most
I have absolutely nothing against working. I am one of those people who can’t take a day off, because I know I will get bored. I always have to do something. But I also think that working should be fun and you shouldn’t do it just to earn money. Okay, sometimes you need to take a job that isn’t your passion. But after work, you can make a plan on how to get your dream job. Only this way you can work for 40/50 years. You don’t want to waste that amount of years doing something you don’t like. So I am also working on that. I am creating my own dream job and hopefully, very soon I can say that I earn enough money to find a nice place because that is the next thing on my list.

For me right now, creating online content is the thing that actually gives me energy. I love to inspire people to really live their lives instead of just surviving the day.

2. Buying or renting an apartment
I live in a small studio right now and it is actually too small. There is no place for a dining table etc. It was nice for a while maybe, but now I am ready for something bigger and better. I also want to move to the other side of the country. I live in the north of the Netherlands, which is very quiet. This can be nice sometimes, but that also means that all of the fun festivals and other events are on the other side of the country. For me right now, it is just easier to live on the west coast.

3. New friends
I’ve lost a lot of friends. Sometimes it was my own fault and sometimes it was because of my anxiety. When my anxiety was really bad, friends just ghosted me. Now I am ready for new friends. And of course, when I move to the other side of the country, I have to make new friends. Not sure how I am going to do this because I am the biggest introvert you’ve ever met. I really have to step out of my comfort zone for this.

4. Disneyland
I’ve never been to Disneyland, but I really love Disney. I really want to go. I don’t even care if I have to go alone. Although I think it would be more fun if someone would come to Disneyland with me. I really want to find out if it is really the happiest place on earth.

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