Reasons why you should watch ‘Halftime’ documentary about Jennifer Lopez

Every now and then I like to watch a documentary. Sometimes I like to watch documentaries about the ocean, but on a scarce occasions, I also like to watch documentaries about certain people. The documentary about Avicii was impressive and I recognized myself in him. Another documentary I’ve watched was the one about Taylor Swift. I think those documentaries can give you a glimpse of who they really are. And sometimes those kinds of documentaries can also be very motivational and inspirational. This time I watched ‘Halftime’, which is a documentary about Jennifer Lopez and I give you a few reasons why you should watch it.

Why you should watch ‘Halftime’

Getting to know Jlo.
Obviously, I knew Jennifer Lopez was famous and she has starred in so many great movies, some of them are even on the list of my favourite movies (link). I knew she was a wonderful actress and a great singer. But honestly, that was it. And it was great to see a glimpse of Jennifer Lopez. To see who she really is. We always think we know celebrities, but is that really true? When we see them, they are in the spotlight and people can act differently. This documentary shows who Jennifer Lopez really is, mostly as a person behind the scenes, but you could also see a glimpse of who she is when she is with her family. And she didn’t let me down at all. I think she is a loving, caring and beautiful person.

And I don’t really follow the gossip news and nominations for awards. But I am surprised she has never won an Oscar in her whole life. She deserves one! How could people even say (back in early 2000) she was a terrible actress? She was (and still is) one of my favourites.

Behind the scenes of creating the Superbowl show
I’ve heard of the Superbowl and I know it is a big deal in the United States. It is probably bigger than I can imagine. Although, I know it is not as big as Eurovision. Eurovision gets twice as many viewers. I’ve also heard of the halftime show. To be honest, I never really knew it was that important or special for an artist but apparently it is. In this documentary, you get to see what is going on behind the scenes. I never knew it was this intense to create a Superbowl show. I thought it was just 15 minutes of performing a medley of your biggest hits. But everything has to be perfect. Jennifer Lopez did the halftime show not alone. For the first time in history, she had to share those 14 minutes with Shakira. In hindsight, she thought it was a terrible idea. I think I could agree with her on this. 14 minutes is not long, but when you have to share those minutes with someone else you basically have no time to perform.

She is a role model
She is a role model for a lot of Latina women, to show that you can make it in Hollywood. I am not a Latina or American, but I also see her as a role model for myself. I think she is very passionate about everything she does and I think that is inspiring. She comes from The Bronx and I believe that is not the richest part of New York. I think that is also inspiring. She has worked so hard in her twenties and eventually, it has paid off.

Limitless labs
At the end of the documentary, they mentioned Limitless Labs. Maybe I wished they had talked about it in the documentary, but they only mentioned it at the end in the closing credits. But is an organisation Jennifer Lopez started to help and support Latina business owners across the nation in every way imaginable. They offer financial aid, significant opportunities, and an amplifiable voice to underserved communities. I think that is beautiful. It is always good and beautiful to help other people. But there are people of colour who do not always get those same opportunities as white people. But now Jennifer Lopez decided to use her network and power to change that.



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