10 facts about me #1

It feels like I am entering a new phase in my life and I am excited. I am creating more new content than ever and I love it. My social media accounts are growing and new people start to follow me on my social media and here on my blog. So I had this feeling I have to introduce myself with these 10 facts about me. But I also like to get to know you a little bit better. It’s nice to know who is following me. If you want you can leave a fact about yourself in the comment section.

10 facts about me

I judge books by their cover
I know it is all about the inside and the story itself but when I buy new (e)books I always look at the cover first. And apparently, this tactic works for me, because I haven’t read a lot of books in the last couple of years that I did not like. Although I know what kind of books I like. I like to read romance and as long there is a cute happy ending I am happy. But if I had to choose between two books, I’d always go for the one with the most beautiful cover.

I like to keep myself busy
I tend to overthink when I am doing nothing and that makes me feel stressed and it is hard to get out of that negative spiral. And when I overthink, I don’t get anything done that day. But I have noticed that doing things helps me a lot. When I keep myself busy I overthink less and as a result, I am happier and more relaxed. That is why I always have a super long to-do list to keep myself busy. But I never put any pressure on myself. I just randomly pick things I can do, depending on the amount of time I have. But when I feel good I get more things done, so in the end, I am always a lot more productive.

I am happy I discovered TikTok
Back in the day, it was called musically and I made an account. Later the name changed to Tiktok and during the pandemic, I decided to make more videos these days I am making 3/4 videos per day. But I am happy I decided to download this app. I am always having a lot of fun creating those videos. I also think I am on the right side of TikTok, the more positive side of it. And I think it is funny people think TikTok is just for 13-year-olds, but there are more people on the app who are 30+ than people under the age of 30. And it is not just a dance app. I have found a lot of great recipes and other inspirations. It doesn’t matter what kind of niche you are into, everyone is welcome on TikTok.

I don’t own a TV
Yes, that is right! I don’t have a TV. The biggest reason is that I rarely like those tv programs, so what is the point of getting a TV if you will never use it. I have Netflix and yes, maybe it is more fun to watch it on a Television screen, right now I am just using my laptop to watch Netflix. I barely watch any Netflix these days. I only watch the things I want to watch and that will make me happy.

I am huge Eurovision fan
I have loved Eurovision since I was younger. I have no idea when I started to watch it because my parents are no fan of it. so I don’t know how I discovered this amazing show at such a young age. But I still watch it every single year and this year’s edition will be in a month and I am super excited. I already have picked my favourites for this year and hopefully one of those will win this edition.

Italian food is my favourite
I think I could eat Italian food every single day. One day I am going to Italy just to eat their food. And I am Dutch but I don’t like Dutch cuisine. I think it is flavourless and it is boring. But I get never bored of eating pasta and pizza. Okay, the Italian people are maybe not happy with me because I also like to eat Pizza with pineapple. But honestly, I don’t care what they think. It tastes really good.

I don’t wear a lot of make-up
Daily, I just wear mascara and I use something for my eyebrows but that is it. I think a lot of people are very talented with make-up and most of the time it looks incredible. But for myself, I like to keep it natural. And maybe one day when I get older I will use more make-up but for now, I like this look. It does not cost a lot of time, maybe five minutes a day. I don’t think I have the patience to sit in front of my mirror every single day for half an hour or even longer.

I was burned out when I was a student
When I was a student I went to school full-time which was around 40 hours per week, I had two jobs, I had to work 20 hours per week and I had a social life. And eventually, I was feeling tired and it got worse and worse. I started to get panic attacks and got social anxiety because everything was so overwhelming. I stayed in bed for days and I barely could get up. It wasn’t the best time of my life. But somehow I am also grateful for it because it taught me many things. I know now I should follow my passions and I should take care of myself, especially my mental health.

I love to watch Football
If there is football and I can watch it online (because I don’t have a TV), I will probably watch it. Most of the time I watch our national men’s and women’s teams, but I also like to watch Arsenal women now and then. I used to play football too and I even won first prize at a tournament with my team, which was pretty cool. When it comes to watching football in the stadium I prefer to watch the women’s team. Unfortunately, we don’t have a women’s team close to where I live right now, that is also why I want to move to the other side of the country. So I can see teams like Ajax, Feyenoord and PSV.

I always wear nail polish
I can’t remember the last time I was not wearing nail polish. Sometimes I take a break for a day or two but that is it. Because colourful nails are way more fun. I also pick a colour that fits the occasion. Next week, we celebrate kings day and our national colour is orange, so I will be wearing orange that week. I also wore orange when our national team are playing a big tournament like the world cup or the European championship. And sometimes I pick a colour that fits my outfit. I started using nail polish because I always biting my nails, but I stopped doing that since I started to wear nail polish.

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