Thrift haul – May 2022

Last week I was checking the weather app and it said it would get even warmer. Then I realized I had nothing I could wear to work that would be appropriate. I have two pairs of jeans I wear a lot at work, but I noticed they were made from very thick jean material and it is basically too warm to wear when it is 30 degrees. I needed something less warm but appropriate for work. It was too late to order something online and I also did not want to order new clothes, because I already bought new clothes not too long ago and I wanted to be more sustainable. The only option left was to go to the thrift store and see if they had something. And they did. I bought two longer pairs of jeans but they are not made from thick material and I got one short which is long enough.

Thrift haul

If you can’t see the video, click here to watch it on YouTube.

I was surprised to see the prices. It was not my first time going to the thrift store but normally I would go to the thrift store for books or just because I was bored. I once bought something secondhand at the IJhallen in Amsterdam. It was a cute dress and it was just 3-4 euros. But I had never bought clothes at the local thrift store. And I was afraid I wouldn’t find anything because the average age here is pretty high, but I was so wrong about everything. There were even clothes from more expensive brands. And everything was just a few euros. The tops were 1 euro, the cheaper jeans were 4 euro and long sleeve shirts were 2 euros.

They had some great stuff too. Yes, you really have to take the time for it and check each item. But sometimes it definitely worth it, because you can find the most amazing things at the thrift store.



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