10 quick tips for Instagram to make your profile look better

Instagram is still a huge platform and these days it is easy to make money with your Instagram. Maybe you are collaborating with a brand and they pay you or maybe you have your own brand and you sell your own products. Anyway, if your goal is to make money with your Instagram account, you should make sure that your profile looks professional and good. These are 10 quick tips for Instagram to make your profile look better. Of course, there is so much more to it. Growth doesn’t happen overnight and it takes more effort than these 10 steps, but it is a start.

10 quick tips for Instagram

1. Your profile picture
Make sure you have a great profile picture. If you want to be an influencer, take a selfie. This selfie has to look great and not blurry. Your profile picture says a lot about you, so make sure it fits your account. I personally like profile pictures with bright colors but that is up to you. You want to stand out. If you are a brand, use your logo as your profile picture.

2. Bio
If you are an influencer, write down the things you like in your bio and include an email address.
If you are a brand say what you sell and what you stand for. Use your slogan.

3. Your username
If you want to look professional on Instagram, don’t use Bettie424144 as your username. This looks terrible and unprofessional. Pick something like your first or full name. Keep it simple and professional. You just don’t want to look like a troll or a fake account. And you want that people will remember you, so keep it simple.

4. Stories
Stories are amazing. You can show your followers behind the scenes or share links with your followers. I give my followers updates about my life, I share quotes, and share my blog posts (with a swipe up). And did you know you could also use hashtags in your Insta stories?? So use it. It will reach more people. And those people are potentially new followers.

5. Post regularly
Quality above Quantity is something that is important on Instagram. But you also have to remember that if you only post one time per week, your account will grow that fast. It is better to post once a day. I post a photo every single day at the same time and now it is just part of my daily routine.

6. Engagement
Instagram is a social media platform. You have to be social! So don’t post and then leave Instagram, but instead interact. If other people leave a comment on your photo, reply to them. And of course, comment on their photo’s too. Engagement is key. So commenting and liking other photos will give you more likes and comments on your own photos.

7. Hashtags
You can use 30 hashtags per post, so use them. But don’t use random hashtags that are super popular, but use hashtags that are relevant to your content. If you post a new outfit post, use hashtags like #outfitoftheday or something less popular like #fashionbloggerUK or wherever you are from.

8. Locatie
Use hashtags, especially when you took a photo at a certain place. If you are on a holiday and you took a picture in New York, use the New York location, etc. People can also find new people to follow via location. Sometimes brands are looking specifically for influencers from a certain city.

9. Be real
Don’t be a diva online and care about your followers. Share your personal stuff too, even when you are not feeling happy. People will relate to you and comment and have the feeling that you are a real person. If you think that only perfect pictures are popular on Instagram, you are wrong. Rianne shares the best content and is very real because life isn’t always perfect.

10. Public profile
If you want to get more followers, you should have a public account. I don’t like to follow private accounts, because you have no idea what they are posting. So I will never follow them unless I know this person in real life. But on a public account, they can actually see your photos and if they like you they will follow you.

These were the 10 quick tips for Instagram. Of course, this is just the beginning. These are just the basics of your Instagram. But if you follow these steps, your account will probably grow eventually. Especially when you post great things.



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