Young Royals – season 1


Title: Young Royals
Actors: Edvin Ryding, Omar Rudberg, Samuel Astor
Creators: Lisa Ambjörn, Lars Beckung, Camilla Holtef
Genre: Drama, Romance
My Rating: 7/10

Young royals

Wilhelm wants to be a normal teenager, but he is actually the Swedish prince. After an incident at the club, his parents are sending him to an elite boarding school. This is where he finds out who he really is. But the royal family won’t like this because they have a plan for him.


When I saw the title for this movie, I assumed this was an English or American series. But it is actually Swedish. Not a problem for me though, but I know some people don’t like to read subtitles. So if you don’t speak Swedish and you don’t like to read subtitles, this is not for you. But I didn’t care it was in Swedish. I grew up with movies with subtitles.

I was kind of expecting something more rebellious, I think. There was some cool and upbeat music but the series was pretty slow-paced. It was interesting and fun to watch but I was just expecting he would do something really bad or something. Maybe get into a huge fight or steal something, I don’t know.

I have to say it was pretty predictable because that moment Wilhelm and Simon saw each other for the first time, I knew they would fall in love. Maybe I watch and read too much romance stuff and I am an expert at it now. I don’t know. I also knew that August was going to be a jealous and mean guy in this series.

I liked this series mostly because the actors are not all looking like models or are 25-30 years old. Their skin is imperfect or should I say just normal and realistic? In every Hollywood movie or series, everyone looks so glamourous and ‘perfect’, so it was nice to see actors like these and that they didn’t use tons of make-up to hide it.

The ending though. If there will be another season, it could go anywhere from here. Is Wilhelm going to say he is gay and he is in love with Simon to everyone? Or is he going to follow the plan and marry a girl? It is a very open ending. I also couldn’t believe what August and Sara because I can’t imagine they are really in love. Maybe they can prove me wrong in the next season? Who knows what is going to happen next season? Everything is possible.

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