10 toxic habits to quit and how to do it

We all want to have a wonderful life without too much drama and negativity and we all want to achieve our goals. In order to that, we should quit these 10 toxic habits. Of course, it takes time to change your habits because it has become a habit for a reason. But it is possible to change your habits and your life. It can be a challenge to change yourself but it will be worth it. It will improve your health, your happiness and your life in general. In this blog post, I talk about 10 tox habits to quit and how to do it.

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10 toxic habits to quit

We all know that one person who complains about everything. That one person who can’t see the beauty in life. It is okay to have a bad day, but if you are that person who complains about everything 24/7, stop doing that. It is not healthy and if you keep this habit, your focus will be on the negative side of life. And it is so much more fun to focus on a positive life. One way to change this habit is to keep a gratitude journal and at the end of your day write down the beautiful things that happened that day. It can be a big thing or maybe something small.

Spending too much time online
If you have a business and you have to spend a lot of time online, that is okay. What is not okay, is when you are online 24/7 and you are non-stop watching TikTok videos or Netflix series. It is not good for your eyes and brain. Your brain needs to rest too. You can decide to plan your offline hours every day, or you can go offline for the weekend. Or find an offline hobby that will distract you.

If you have a dream, you have to work for it. But some people say:’I will start tomorrow’ and then the next day comes and they never start. And eventually, you wasted months or even years and you are not a step closer to your goal.
Solution? Know what your goal is and take action every day and no excuses. Do you prefer to continue the same life you are living right now? Or do you want something better?

Are you an overthinker? Are constantly thinking about the past or the future and you completely forget to live in the moment? Stop overthinking. This is easier said than done, I know. One thing you can do is to take time to practise mindfulness or do meditations every single day. You have to train your brain, so don’t skip a day. Eventually, your mind will be clearer and you will feel better.

Eating junkfood all the time
I have to admit pizza is my favourite food, but that doesn’t mean I eat it every week. I try to eat healthy foods. Not always easy. But the trick is to go to the supermarket when you are NOT feeling hungry. Because when you go to the supermarket feeling hungry, you will buy more food and more junk food. So eat something before you leave and make a list of things you want to buy.

Not exercising at all
We sit down at work, then we come home and sit down for dinner and after that, we move to the couch to watch our favourite Netflix series. We sit down a lot and that is not healthy. You don’t have to go to the gym every single day to stay healthy and fit. If going to the gym is not your thing, you go for a walk every single day. But you should exercise every single day because that reduces the risk of getting sick. Take your bike to the store or your work every day. Your health will improve if you do this.

Being friends with toxic people
Do you have friends who were only there if they needed you? Dump them. Are you friends with people who talk behind your back? Dump them too. And find new friends instead. Find friends who support you and have your back no matter what. Find friends who actually help you and lift you when you are feeling down. You can use apps to find and make new friends or make new friends at a workshop or the gym.

Not giving yourself me-time
A lot of people think you have to work non-stop to achieve your goals. But that is not true. Life is all about balance. Of course, if you really enjoying your work, focus on your work but don’t forget yourself or your friends. Make time for yourself once a day or week. Take time to take a bath or get a massage. Go and have fun with your friends. Because there is a possibility that you will get burned out if you never take a break. You should enjoy life too.

Worrying (about someones opinion)
Some people worry a lot about their future but also what other people might think of them. Some people even crave the approval of others. But you shouldn’t do that. You should what YOU like to do, no matter what other people might think. Maybe you will never see this person again or if you do, who cares? We spend so much time worrying about what other people might think. Well, guess, what? Most of the time they care about themselves only. So go out and do your thing. And you know what they say? If you worry, you suffer twice. Meditation can also help if you worry too much about things.

Comparing yourself to others.
With social media these days it is so easy to compare our lives with others. We think they are perfect and living their perfect lives. Well, first of all, all you see is just a fraction of their days. Second, they may be faking it and they are miserable in reality. Third, if you see a perfect photo on insta, it can be photoshopped. My best advice for this is to unfollow those people. Apparently, they are not making feeling better. Follow people who make you feel good about yourself. This really works. At first, I saw those perfect insta models and I decided to unfollow them and suddenly I stopped comparing myself. And maybe it is also a great idea to work on your confidence. You could use affirmations for that.



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