Shopping Haul | June 2021

I got a gift card for my birthday, which was last month. It was time to use it. I decided I wanted to go to a different store too. Just to see if they have something nice. So I went to two stores: Action and Hema. The UK does not have an Action store, but if you live somewhere else in Europe there is a chance there is an Action store near you. I know the Hema has a store in London and a few other places in the UK. But this is my shopping haul.

Do you prefer to watch the video? Scroll to the end of this post or click here.

Shopping Haul

I am going to show you what I bought at the Action anyway. Action is a pretty cheap store and you can find a lot of things for 1 or 2 euros. I bought a tray because I am going to spend more time outside and I needed a tray for drinks and food. I bought new earphones because I needed new ones. And the last two items are those two cute mugs. 

So I had a gift card for the Hema and bought a few things. I also bought a bag of Tortilla chips and a notebook for my blog, both aren’t in the photo above. I bought mostly beauty products: eau de toilette, scrunchies, day cream and eyeliner because I am experimenting with make-up. And last but not least, I bought two nail polishes. The first one is a peachy colour and it is called ‘Simply peach’ and it is number 006 in this Hema nail polishes collection. I also bought a purple/glitter one called ‘pretend purple’, which is number 952.



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