Why you should avoid using screens before bedtime

Why you should avoid using screens before bedtime

The use of screens has become a part of modern life, with smartphones, tablets, laptops, and TVs being readily available and constantly in use. While screens offer us a wealth of entertainment and information, research suggests that using screens before bedtime can have negative effects on our sleep quality and overall health. Here are some reasons why you should avoid using screens before bedtime and some alternative activities to do before going to bed.

Why you should avoid using screens before bedtime

  1. Screens Emit Blue Light: The blue light emitted by screens can suppress the production of melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep. Exposure to blue light before bedtime can disrupt the natural sleep-wake cycle and make it harder to fall asleep. There is a way to filter out the blue light. You have to make the screen warmer. I use this option during the day. You can definitely do this while watching tv in the evening, but I still wouldn’t recommend it. I don’t believe it is completely waterproof.

  2. Increased Mental Stimulation: Using screens before bedtime can increase mental stimulation and make it harder for your brain to relax and unwind. This can lead to difficulty falling asleep and result in poor sleep quality. This happens especially when you watch something exciting. Maybe an action or horror movie. Or maybe something on tv made you furious because you did not like their behaviour. It takes a while to calm down and to relax completely. 

  3. Disrupted Sleep Patterns: Studies have shown that using screens before bedtime can disrupt the natural circadian rhythm of the body, leading to difficulty falling asleep, disrupted sleep patterns, and fatigue the following day. This is because of the blue screens. There is a way to filter out the blue light on your screens, but it can still make you feel tired. Or maybe you think another episode of that one series can’t hurt and before you realize it, it is very late. Getting enough sleep should be one of your top priorities. 

Things you can do before bedtime instead

Instead of using screens before bedtime, consider doing these activities to help you relax and prepare for a good night’s sleep:

  1. Reading a book: Reading a book before bedtime can be a great way to relax and unwind. Not only does it help to reduce mental stimulation, but it can also help to promote better sleep quality. This is definitely my favourite way to relax before bedtime. Reading makes me feel relaxed but also sleepy. I always have the best night of sleep when I read in the evening. 

  2. Meditating: Meditating before bedtime can help to calm the mind and promote relaxation. Focus on your breath, or try a guided meditation to help you clear your mind and prepare for sleep. This is very helpful for everyone, but I can definitely recommend it to those who overthink a lot before falling asleep. Meditation can help to relax your mind.

  3. Taking a bath: Taking a warm bath before bedtime can help to relax the muscles and promote better sleep quality. Add some relaxing scents such as lavender to help you unwind. Warm water makes you sleepy too. It is a perfect way to end your busy day.

  4. Doing some light stretching: Gentle stretching exercises such as yoga or simple stretches can help to relax the body and promote better sleep quality. Maybe you have been sitting at a desk all day, maybe even in a terrible position. Give some love to your body instead of watching TikTok videos. Or if you have a partner ask for a massage and give them one in return.

  5. Writing in a journal: Journaling before bedtime can help to reduce stress and clear your mind. Write down any thoughts or worries that are keeping you awake, and let them go as you prepare for sleep. I love to write about the things that are keeping me busy. Sometimes I realize I made it bigger in my head than it really was. It is also a great way to improve yourself become a better person and reflect on your day. Ask yourself what you could have done better next time.

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