Reasons to watch Queen Charlotte

reasons to watch queen charlotte
Netflix has released a new series that is probably going to be another hit series for the streaming service. It is called Queen Charlotte and is now available to watch. But what is Queen Charlotte about? And why should you watch it? Today I explain everything and give you a few reasons why you should watch it. 

What is Queen Charlotte about?
If you have seen the other Netflix hit series called Bridgerton, you will probably already know who Queen Charlotte is. If you have not seen Bridgerton, Queen Charlotte is the Queen in the Bridgerton series. She is a very powerful woman, the first one of colour. But in Bridgerton you could already tell she has a secret. You never saw the King in the series. But now this series is all about her story. How she and the king met, their relationship and what is going on with her husband King George. Violet Bridgerton and Lady Danbury also make an appearance and you will also learn more about them when they were younger.

Reasons to watch Queen Charlotte

If you are a fan of Bridgerton
If you loved Bridgerton, like I did, you will also love this series. It has romance, great music and the same vibe as Bridgerton. The only difference is that this time, There are two timelines. There is one when Queen Charlotte, Lady Danbury and Violet are younger and the other timeline is the same timeline as we know from the Bridgerton series.

Getting to know characters from Bridgerton
In the first two seasons of Bridgerton, the three women make all their appearances. Of course, the Queen as the Queen, Violet as the mother of the Bridgerton family and Lady Danbury. But the first two series were never really about them. They make an appearance but you never got to know their stories. Now you do, which is nice. I think this will definitely bring another layer to the Bridgerton series. You might want to rewatch the first two seasons after watching Queen Charlotte. Because now you know their stories and you now know why they are behaving in a certain way.

Music is amazing
Just like in Bridgerton, they used popular hits and made them into a classical songs. Which was very nice. If I am correct, they used all hits from black women. This makes sense because this series is also about how a woman of colour becomes a Queen. And then they decided to give certain people of colour titles. This was huge because first, the ton was just white people.

The chemistry between the two main characters is always amazing in the Bridgerton series. My favourite couple is still Anthony and Kate, even after watching Queen Charlotte and King George’s story. But even now there was chemistry from the beginning between the two. I really liked their story. The ending made me even quite emotional. That ending of this series was just beautiful. They really love each other and it was just beautiful to see.

The casting is amazing
But I also have to give credit to the people who cast the people for this, because somehow they cast always the right people. They make sure the couple has chemistry, but this time they also had to make sure the younger version of Charlotte, Lady Danbury and Violet look like the older version. I think they did an amazing job with that. I think they put a lot of effort into making them the perfect character. The younger versions had the same manners as the older version of themselves. It was amazing

I really enjoyed watching this series. I think I can write a whole essay about why you should watch it. These reasons are just a few of the reasons why you should watch it. There is also a secret relationship between the servants of the King and Queen. All three stories of Queen Charlotte, Lady Danbury and Violet Bridgerton touched me. They have been through a lot when they were younger. I can definitely recommend it. Now I am going to wait on season 3 of the Bridgerton Series.



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