Opposites attract – Camilla Isley | Book Review

Opposites attract - Camilla Isley | Book Review
Title: Opposites attract
Author: Camilla Isley
Publisher: Pink Bloom Press
Pages: 255
Genre: Romance, Enemies to lovers
My Rating: 8/10

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Opposites attract

Lucas is a couples therapist and Vivian is a Divorce lawyer and they meet when Vivian stole his dream office. Now he got the office next door instead of the beautiful corner office. They have a few things in common though. They are both single and they have the same friends. Those friends recommend using this dating service to find the love of their lives. But they turn it into a deal. If Lucas finds the love of his life first, he gets the corner office. If Vivian falls in love first with someone, he has to find a new apartment. Lucas has reasons not to like her and Vivian thinks he is annoying. When Vivian’s daughter Tegan asks Lucas for help, everything changes. 


The other day, I got a few ebooks for free on the Kobo website. And seriously, that was one of the best decisions ever. So far the books I have read in 2023, were okay and just a few books were just amazing. One of the free ebooks I got back then was Hit or Miss and honestly, that book was so amazing. I was afraid that a free e-book could not be that good. I thought it was free for a reason. But this book was another free e-book that enjoyed so much.

It was a pretty quick read which is nice.  I liked how they both work with couples but in different ways. One is helping couples become closer again and the other one is a divorce lawyer. I kind of liked that the guy was the therapist and she was the lawyer. Normally, the guy would be the lawyer one, who does not believe in love or something.

This is the first book of the ‘first comes love’ series. I think most of the free ebooks are the first books in a series. The publisher/authors probably hope you will get the free ebook, will like it and buy the rest of the series. It is a smart move. Not just for them, but also for readers. This way you can discover new authors you might like and buy the rest of the series if you liked it. And it is working for me because I am already adding new books to my wishlist. Which is already too long.

Just like in every romance book, there is a huge fight. Lucas and Vivian planned a second date and he does not show up on time Vivian gets angry, but honestly she was definitely overreacting. Even when they were fighting for the second time, she was overreacting. But thank god, Vivian is a smart woman and realized it. Funny enough, she thinks she can’t trust any guy, but somehow she trusts her own daughter with Lucas. That was definitely one of the first signs that she was into him without realizing it.

I really liked this book too. I am definitely putting the other books in this series on my wishlist. Camilla’s writing style is simple, not too complicated. I read for fun, it does not have to be deep or complicated for me. As long as a book gives me happy feelings I am happy.  I liked the characters in this book, even the daughter. Honestly, Lucas sounds like the perfect man. How he cares about Vivian’s daughter and everything. He is a true gentleman. 

I can definitely recommend this book to everyone who loves romance books with an enemies-to-lovers trope. It is a cute and quick read. I really liked it.



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