Why is it important to get enough sleep?

How many hours of sleep do you get at night and be honest. I remember there was a time in my life when it was cool to say that you only had 3 hours of sleep. It was like a competition to see who can get the least amount of sleep. Now I am older, I realize that was just a stupid competition. But why is it important to get enough sleep every single night? Today in this blog post I will give 6 reasons why.

Why is it important to get enough sleep?

  1. Better focus
    It will be harder for you to focus on your (school)work if you didn’t get enough sleep last night. And that can happen sometimes. But you will notice it will be harder for you to do the things you normally do. Suddenly it takes longer to do a certain task on your to-do list. Or even worse, you barely get anything done that day. If it happens once, it is not a problem. You can just do those things the next day. But what if you sleep 3-4 hours every single night?
  2. More energy during the day
    When you got enough hours of sleep, you wake up feeling fresh and full of energy. You have enough energy to do your exercises, your work and social activities. But when you did not get enough sleep, it will be harder to get out of bed and overall, you are not feeling great. But I have to mention one thing here: it also matters how deep you sleep. Yes, also in this case it is quality over quantity. It is better to get 6-7 hours of a good night of sleep, than 8-9 hours of light sleep. But in my own experience, you can feel it when you had a good night of sleep. You wake up feeling relaxed and rested.
  3. Better mood
    When I did not get enough sleep, I can get moody. And it is best for everyone that you don’t talk too much to me that day. And most people are irritable when they did not get enough sleep. It is a mix of not getting enough sleep and thinking about it. I think you can still be nice if you did not sleep very well. But when you get negative thoughts, you will respond in that way too (annoyed etc.). It is better for everyone around you and yourself to get enough sleep. Because let’s be honest, who wants to snap at people? We all want to be kind to each other.
  4. Better for your immune system
    If you don’t want to get sick, you have to work on your immune system. You can eat healthily, and exercise more but also getting enough is important. Your body can not work properly when you are not well-rested. I get a cold very easily when I had a few nights of bad sleep, but the time is fixed after getting a night of good sleep. That is why we also sleep a lot when we are sick. Let your body do its work, while you rest.
  5. You make healthier decisions
    Imagine you woke up after a terrible night. You are already grumpy and you are not in the mood for your morning run and you skip it that day. Later that day, you have to cook something. But you barely have any motivation or energy to make something. You decide to order a pizza. While you know not exercising and eating pizza are not the best things for

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