What to do during Corona lockdown


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Corona is a pandemic right now and that means a lot of countries are in lockdown. Here in the Netherlands, events are canceled and they recommend us not to go outside too much. But now you are stuck inside your house and you are bored. Don’t worry I give you a couple of activities you can do inside.

What to do during Corona Lockdown?

Play with your pet

Give your pet some attention and play with them. They will love and appreciate it. And if possible take your dog out for a long walk. You get some exercise and your dog is happy.


Read books

Do you have a whole list of books you still want to read? You have finally more time to read all of those books. And if the bookstores are also closed because of the lockdown, find some e-books online. Not sure what you want to read? You can find here my blog posts about books.

Watch Netflix

Everyone loves Netflix and you have finally more time to watch all of your favorite series and movies. And yes, I wrote a lot of blog posts about Netflix movies and series too.


And when I am talking about puzzles, I am talking about those 1000 pieces puzzles. Some of those puzzles can take forever to finish but it is a nice way to relax and it is definitely better for your eyes than watching Netflix all day long or video gaming.

Work out from home

You can’t to the gym because of the lockdown? Don’t worry there are a lot of work-outs you can find on YouTube. And even when you don’t have equipment there are tons of work-out videos that you can do. No excuses that you can’t work-out because it is still possible. I think the lockdown is perfect for reprogramming yourself into a better person.

Diamond paintings

Do you like puzzles? Maybe you will like diamond painting too. The problem is that I am not sure you can find it in a lot of stores. And most of the diamond paintings are coming from China. So it can take a while before you get your diamond painting. But maybe you’ve bought one recently. You have finally the time to make it.

Write and make videos

Always wanted to write a book or start a blog? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to have your own YouTube channel. Do it now. Filming your daily life can be a little bit boring now because you have to stay inside all day long but you can make different kinds of videos.


No more excuses that you don’t have enough time for yourself. This is the time that you can do whatever you want. Create a spa at home. Take a hot bath and just relax.

Another thing you can do is to work on your self. I am using this time for self-improvement. This means I am meditating more often, strengthen my body, motivating myself to follow my dreams etc. We all basically have more time on our hands now and I think it is a good time to become a better version of yourself.


Not into work-outs? There are also a lot of yoga videos on YouTube. Maybe you can start with the 30-day yoga for beginners. This 30-day yoga series is very popular and recommended by almost everyone. So if you want to work on your body AND mind, start doing yoga. And after the lockdown, you are a completely different person.

Be creative

Maybe you like to make stuff and this can be anything at all. Maybe you like to paint or maybe you like to make jewelry. You finally have more time for your hobby! And if you’ve made something very cool, you can always sell it (after the lockdown) on Etsy and earn some money.

Coloring books

Coloring can be very relaxing. Put on some nice meditation music and start coloring. And if you don’t have coloring books, look for coloring pages on Etsy. You help someone with their own business and you have something to do. And the best thing is that you probably don’t have to wait and you just can print it out immediately.

Chores you’ve been putting off

Painting your wall, clean your whole house, fix something that needed to be fixed 5 months ago. You have finally extra time for your never-ending to-do list. It is time to be productive. Sitting down waiting for the end of the lockdown is boring. Being productive will make you feel more motivated and happier.

What are you doing during the Corona lockdown?



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