It’s not summer without you – Jenny Han

Title: It is not summer without you
Author: Jenny Han
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Genre: Drama, Teens
Pages: 320
My Rating: 7/10

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It’s not summer without you

Belly and Conrad broke up and Suzannah passed away and now summer does not feel like summer at all. Instead of spending time at the beach house in Cousins, Belly is now home with her mom. She really misses the boys and the beach house. And she still misses Conrad, even though they broke up.
One day Jeremiah calls her up early and tells her that Conrad is supposed to be at summer school but he is missing. Belly and Jeremiah are trying to find him and Belly’s mom thinks she is at Taylor’s place. They eventually find him at the beach house and they find out why he is there. Can Belly and Jeremiah help him and fix this situation?


The first book ended with a hint that Belly and Conrad started dating. Somehow that came as a surprise because he never said he actually liked her. Belly and Conrad were together for a while until Belly said horrible things to Conrad after Suzannah’s funeral. She passed away recently and Belly and the rest are still grieving. The second book is also about Belly and Jeremiah who were trying to find Conrad did I already mention he likes Belly. Yes, this whole situation is very complicated and in my opinion not great. Belly loves Conrad, Jeremiah loves Belly and Conrad secretly likes Belly? But at the same time, I thought Belly also likes Jeremiah. As I said, it is very complicated. If I was Belly, I would have tried to find another guy. I know that is not how falling in love works, but it would save a lot of drama.

To be honest, I think Conrad is weird. I wonder why Belly is still in love with him. I think he actually likes her, but he never tells her that. They even break up and then he gets mad when Belly kisses another guy? If you like someone, you just say it. I mean, he already knew that Belly was in love with him. She would never turn him down.

I said in my review of the first book that I did not like the book that much. There was just too much teenage drama for me and I thought I would be too old for this kind of drama. The drama is still there, but somehow I think I actually start to like it? I am getting used to the drama. And I really want to know how this is going to end in book three. If I were Belly I would go for Jeremiah or just someone else and just stays friends with the guys.

So yes, I liked this book better than the first one. I think this was more a story. The first book felt like a diary and nothing big happened except for the last part of the book. There was more stuff going on in this book. I still like the flashbacks, which make certain things more sense. And Jeremiah got also a few chapters of his point of view. That is why I might think he is the one who ends up with Belly.




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