We met in December – Rosie Curtis

Title: We met in December 
Author: Rosie Curtis
Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks
Genre: Romance
Pages: 401
My Rating: 6.5/10

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We met in December

Jess is starting a new life with a new job in a new city. She has found the perfect and cheap place to live. She only has to share it with a few others. One of them is Alex, they share the same floor. Jess thinks he is pretty cute and wonders if they might end up with each other. But when she came back from a ski trip with her friends, Alex got a girlfriend. Now she has to face them all year long while Jess thinks that she and Alex belong together.


Two people who like each other, but it is never the right moment to confess their love to the other. Jess and Alex meet each other on the first night together before moving into their new house in Notting Hill. A dream location to live and it does not cost a fortune. On their first night, there is an instant connection between the two. But when Jess comes back from a ski trip, Alex is dating their housemate Emma. 

At first, she is not sure if she (Jess) and Alex have a chance, because one of the house rules is that you can not date the other housemates. But it still bothers her that Alex likes Emma. Jess and Alex are still good at being just friends and walking through London a lot and discovering new places. When Alex is done with Emma, Jess just started dating James. Not the perfect time for Alex to tell Jess he likes her. But this is a book with a happy ending, so you can probably guess how it ends. 

If you have ever watched romance movies, you know how important chemistry is. If there is no chemistry, the movie would suck. The same thing applies to books. And in this case, it felt like they were just friends. There was no real chemistry. In most romance books, you can feel the tension/chemistry between the two main characters. This book also reminded me of another romance book by Josie Silver I read a few years ago with a similar title. That book was called ‘One day in December’ and if I remember it correctly it was a pretty similar love story too. Two people who have feelings for the other but it is never the right moment. 

This was the last book I read in 2022 and unfortunately in my opinion I did not end this year with a banger. I remember how excited I was to read it, but it was just not my kind of book I guess. Of course, just like always, this does not mean the book is bad. Everyone’s taste is different. And this book had a few points I liked. It was set in London and Jess loves to walk through London and discover new places. I can’t wait to move to another city and do the same thing. Jess and Alex also wanted to start over and do something totally different. That is what I am also thinking about right now.



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