To all the boys I've loved before
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To all the boys I’ve loved before

Title: To all the boys I’ve loved before
Actors: Lana Condor, Noah Centineo
Director: Susan Johnson
Writer: Sofia Alvarez (screenplay, Jenny Han (book)
Genre: Chickflick, Romance
Date: August 2018
Rating: 4,5/5

About To all the boys I’ve loved before

Every time Lara Jean had a crush on someone, she wrote him a letter. She would never send them, she kept those letters in a box in her closet. One day, the box is gone and so are the letters.
Somebody has sent her letter to her old crushes. And before everything becomes way more complicated with her neighbour Josh (ex of her sister Margot), she and Peter, another old crush of her, decide to pretend to be a couple. Peter wants his ex-girlfriend back and is trying to make her jealous with Lara Jean. Lara Jean is just trying to avoid her other old crushes.



I read the books many years ago and I have to say that I forgot almost everything. Maybe I had to reread the book before watching the movie. But I couldn’t wait any longer. And oh yeah, the movie didn’t let me down! I am absolutely team Peter with his difficult last name. I did not read the other books yet, but I have to. I want to know how this all ends. There was a major cliffhanger. And I am so happy that they are already shooting the second movie in this series. I think it will come out in 2020

When Lara Jean kissed Peter during gym class was way too funny. But can we talk about this school trip?  I want to know what exactly happened during this ski trip with school. First of all, where were the teachers? The ski trip is the time for these kids to have sex. Well, I remember my school trips to Paris and Berlin and there was no sex. Boys and girls were sleeping separately and the teachers were always nearby. And what did they during this ski trip? Lara Jean didn’t bring her ski’s, but only some books. I wanted to see a little more of this trip besides the hot tub scene. I mean, Jenn was still after Peter.

I also feel a little bit sorry for Josh. Margot dumped him before she went to Scotland and now he founds out that Lara Jean had a crush on him. I think he will develop some feelings for her. But I love the chemistry between Lara Jean and Peter, so I am hoping they will end up with each other (at the end of the series).

Edit: Inmiddels heb ik ook alle boeken van deze serie weer herlezen. Je vind de linkjes naar de bijhorende recensies hieronder:

Deel 1:  Aan alle jongens van wie ik hield
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Deel 3: Veel liefs, Lara Jean

Have you seen this movie? And did you like it?

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To all the boys I've loved before

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One Comment

  • Linda

    Hi there

    I actually haven’t seen the movie nor read the book.
    But it sounds like it’s could have a lot of twists and confusions.
    I actually like the idea of writing a letter to the people you have a crush on…. wish I had done that, it would be do fun to read old letters from teenage crushes

    Linda xx

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