Tips to find inspiration for new content

You like to make blog articles, TikTok videos, YouTube videos, and Instagram posts. But one day you wake up and suddenly you have absolutely no idea what to post. But you don’t want to disappoint your followers by not uploading anything new. They are used to seeing new content from you each day. But pushing yourself to find inspiration is a very bad idea, but what else can you do? Today I give you tips to find inspiration for new content, so you can upload new content again.

Tips to find inspiration for new content

Do something else instead of creating content
The biggest thing I have realized in the last couple of years is that I get the best content inspiration whenever I am feeling relaxed and doing something else. You can sit down and wait until you get an idea, but you will get those ideas when you are relaxed and not pushing yourself to create content. Even a 20-minute walk will give you a lot of inspiration. Whatever you do, bring your phone or a notebook so you can write down your ideas. The best ideas will come to you when you are in the flow.

Look at others, but don’t copy them
What are other people doing in your niche? Maybe there is a trend going on. But when you look at other content creators, it is very easy just to copy them. But I would recommend making it your own. Maybe there is a recipe you found, but you can make it even better. Or do a TikTok dance, but with a twist. Maybe there is a lifestyle trend you want to talk about.

Go outside and look around you
Watching other people can be very interesting and inspiring. Maybe looking at other people will give you some inspiration. For example, when I see people hurrying all the time I find that very fascinating. Not because I want to be like that too, but because I want to be the opposite. I wonder why people are always too busy. I also think kids are very interesting to watch, not in a creepy way. I am not staring at them or at any people. I just think that life as a kid is so much better than adult life, but then I start to wonder why that is. Everything you see and hear is something you could use to create content.

Share personal thoughts
What is on your mind right now? Maybe there is something that happened to you and you want to share it. Maybe you want to share an inspirational quote you read somewhere. I get very random thoughts during the day and sometimes I suddenly think of something that I want to share with others. Don’t overthink it. But keep in mind that you don’t have to share everything. You are in control of what you want to share about your own life. Sometimes it is better to keep certain things private.

Youtube vlogs were huge and maybe they still are, but to be honest I stopped watching them a few years ago. Sometimes around Christmas, I like to watch vlogmas videos but that is it basically. I feel people these days prefer shorter videos. So Tiktok is the perfect place to make your daily vlogs. Film your whole day or just a part of it and share it with the rest of the world. You are still documenting your life, but it is just shorter, so it won’t be as time-consuming as making a whole Youtube vlog every day. I like to film 3 seconds of something I am doing and then I just put it all together. And you can also upload those videos later on YouTube shorts and Instagram Reels too.



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