The Wish – Nicholas Sparks | Book Review

Title: The Wish
Author: Nicholas Sparks
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Genre: Drama, Romance
Pages: 416
My Rating: 8/10

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The Wish

Maggie is a famous photographer and is dying. Nobody knows it yet, she just heard it herself from the doctor. The treatments aren’t working anymore. Maggie has her own gallery, which she shares with others but they want to hire someone new. One day, Mark is standing in front of her. At first, Maggie does not want to hire him because he follows her YouTube channel and he knows she is sick. But later in the year, they spend more time together at the gallery and one night Maggie starts talking about when she was 16. About the fact, she was pregnant, moved away for a few months to live with her aunt in Ocracoke, and about her relationship with Bryce.


I think it is interesting how words can really touch someone and make someone cry. Because this book made me cry! Not that it was unexpected though. I am familiar with Nicholas Sparks. To be honest, I’ve only seen the movies and this was only the first book I read by him. I remember how much I cried while watching the movies and this book made me cry too.

It was a great story. At first, I was not sure about this book for several reasons. When I opened the e-book, I found out immediately that this book has only a few chapters and when I that happens I know the chapters will be super long. I am not a big fan of that, to be honest. Although, there were some moments in those chapters where you could put down the book. My Kobo e-reader said this book had around 850 pages and most of the chapters were around 150 e-book pages long. Which is insane, but while it normally would have bothered me, it did not bother me this time that much. Before I even knew it, the chapter was over.

The long chapters were actually my favorite part of the book. Those chapters are about when Maggie was just 16 years old and pregnant. It is about her relationship with her parents and sister and how they had sent her aunt so she could hide the pregnancy from her friends. In Ocracoke, she actually fell in love with a guy called Bryce.

The other reason why I wasn’t sure if I would like this book was that I was afraid the books wouldn’t touch me as the movies would. But I was so wrong about that. I also wasn’t very enthusiastic about this book when I started to read the first chapter. It did not seem interesting enough, but I am happy I kept going. 

I am also wondering why they stopped adapting Nicholas Sparks’ books into movies. The last one was in 2016. I remember when around 2012 everyone went to the cinema to watch those movies and they were also one of my favorites too. But then I did more research and I found an article saying they are actually planning to make a book-to-movie adaption about this book. I am already looking forward to it and I will definitely have to buy more tissues before the movie comes out.



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