Enola Holmes 2 | Movie review

Title: Enola Holmes 2
Actors: Millie Bobby Brown, Louis Patridge, Henry Cavill
Director: Harry Bradbeer
Writers: Jack Thorne, Harry Bradbeer, Nancy Springer
Genre: Detective,

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Enola Holmes 2

Enola Holmes solved her first case in the first movie but they gave all of the credits to her brother Sherlock Holmes. But she is not giving up on her dreams. She opened her first office, but everyone who comes to her office laughed at her because they think a girl can’t solve cases. They even asked how they could contact Sherlock to solve cases. When Enola is about to give up, a little girl Bessie is standing in front of her. Bessie is looking for her sister Sarah Chapman. But when Enola is getting closer to solving the case, the more trouble she gets into.


I was very happy to see that Enola Holmes was back with another movie. I really liked the first one! And this second movie did not let me down at all either. Just like the first movie, it is quick-paced. Which makes it more fun to watch. The movie is already 2 hours long, so they have to keep it interesting.

I also just realized when I looked at the IMDB page, Enola holmes is a book series. I had absolutely no idea. But I wonder if I would still like the books. I think in this case, I would actually like the movies better than the books. I have no idea how the books are. But the thing I like the most about the movie is the fact Enola Holmes talks to the camera, giving it something extra. Normally, if they would do this in other movies it would be so weird and awkward. But it is perfect for this kind of movie.

I like Enola a lot. I think Millie Bobby Brown is a great actress, but I secretly have a favorite character. I really like Enola’s mother (played by Helena Bonham Carter). Since the Harry Potter movies, I thought she is so different than any other actress and that makes her really cool. I was a big fan of how she portrayed Bellatrix and this movie did a great job too.

I hope and I think this won’t be the last movie. Enola just agreed to work together with her brother Sherlock. I am hoping they will be more solving cases in the future. They are great together as a team. But I think I still want to have Enola as the main character, and not share that with Sherlock. But this is the kind of movie I like to watch on the weekend. I love to see something that is going to make me happy. I like movies that have a happy endings, romance, and humor. And this movie has all of those things, including a great cast!

This is the perfect movie to watch with your family on a rainy Sunday or around Christmas day, but maybe not with the youngest kids since there is violence in this movie. The costumes are great and bring you back to the old days. Normally, sequels are not as good as the first movies but this time I do not agree with that. This was as equally good as the first one.



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