Things I stopped doing in the last couple of weeks

It is already March and 2022 started a while ago. I can’t believe how fast the time is going. But I am having a great time so far in 2022. I am accomplished more things in 2022 already than in the whole year of 2021. I am working on myself constantly and I am making progress. These are the things I stopped doing in the last couple of weeks that made my life a lot better and easier

Things I stopped doing in the last couple of weeks

Last year, I could binge-watch everything that came out on Netflix. Especially on the weekends, I was just watching Netflix and not enjoying my weekends anymore. It felt like I got a wake-up call and I decided to stop binge-watching Netflix. Normally, I would also binge-watch everything because I wanted to write reviews about it on my blog but I decided to stop doing that and just write a review whenever I want to. I don’t watch everything anymore. I just pick the things that will make me feel good. Most of the feel-good time (obviously) movies and shows like romance and comedy. Sometimes I like to watch drama shows and movies too, but I turn it off if I don’t like to watch it anymore. I am very picky these days when it comes to watching Netflix.

Watching and reading the news
This is something I started recently. I’ve tried doing this before but I failed. At that time I was feeling that I was missing out on something and that I had to know everything. But this time I decided to try it again because the news was affecting my mental health. And that is a sign I have to change something and so I did. And this time it was pretty easy. It did not have the urge to check the news anymore. I know it will be negative anyway and if sometimes big happens, I will hear it from other people probably. So I am not worried I am missing out on something. And this is so much better for my mental health. This is something I can recommend to everyone.

Be negative
I think I was doing alright before I got my burn-out. Although I am not so sure anymore. After my burn-out, I was more negative and I complained a lot. It was not doing any good for me. It made things only worse. So these days I am trying to be more aware of my thoughts (mindfulness and meditation can help with that) and when I notice I have a negative thought, I try to redirect it towards more positive thoughts and feelings. Eventually, it gets easier to change your thoughts. But it is already making a huge difference in my mood. Normally, other people on the road (in cars or on bikes) would annoy me because they are ignoring the laws/rules, but now I am not spending my energy on those things. I take a deep breath and try to say something nice in my head.

Being lazy
I was a lazy woman. I liked to lay down in bed a lot, especially on the weekends. And yes, sometimes I still do that. Especially when I have cramps, I think I deserve that. But on other days, I am so much more active. One thing that helped me with this, is to start right away and try to get into the flow. I do one thing at a time while listening to music that helps me to focus. And suddenly I am a lot more productive and somehow that is also giving me more free time, which is amazing too. But instead of taking naps in my free time, I do other things like cleaning or reading.

Following my dreams
I’ve always had dreams, but I think I was always scared to follow those dreams. I am not sure what changed it, but I stopped being lazy and did my work. I am doing a lot more things every single day. I am working harder than ever and I am loving it. Back in the day when I had a bad day, I just decided to binge-watch Netflix because I thought I deserved it. But that did not help me at all. I got lazier and lazier and had more bad days and I was not pushing myself to work on my dreams. I think I got too comfortable where I was at that time. Even though I was feeling comfortable, it was not where I wanted to be. Every day I think of my dream life and the things I want to do and that makes me excited to work harder. I have to admit that it was not easy to make that switch, but eventually, it became a habit and I started to enjoy working on my goals.
I also think that I thought I would never be good enough to be an online content creator but I know I am. And since I committed to my dreams. I get more and more comments and likes. People start to like my content. I also know 100% sure where I want to go and that helps me too. You have to know where you want to go before you can take action.

As you can see I made a lot of progress this year already and I am feeling amazing. It is making my life better and easier. Sometimes I try new things but realize it is not working for me and that is okay too. I think it is a journey to find out what is working for you and what doesn’t. But if something does not work for you anymore, stop doing it. Does waking up early not work for you? Wake up later. Is going to the gym not making you happier? Stop doing it and maybe find a different way to be more active. Maybe a team sport is more your thing.

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