This or that Holiday edition

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It is summer and I have a week off right now. I am not going on a holiday this year because of the corona. My plans were basically: going to festivals and maybe a city trip. But that is not going to happen. It is possible to go on a city trip but I want to be careful. So I am staying home and making the best of it with the  this or that holiday edition

This or that holiday edition

Vacation or staycation?

So this year I am saying staycation. It is possible for me to go on a city trip. But the corona rules are different in every single country. It is very confusing and you will never know if it is really safe. I don’t want to risk that. But I can’t wait to go on vacation soon again. But for now, I am just visualizing myself on a vacation.

City trip of laying on the beach?

City trip. I am not the kind of person who likes to be on the beach for hours. I probably will get bored. I don’t hate the sea or the beach, I just want to do something on my vacation. I want to explore things.

Budget or non-budget

Budget when it comes to booking a hotel/Airbnb and a non-budget when it comes to other expenses. Of course, the hotel has to look decent but I only need a bed and a bathroom. I will be exploring the city for the rest of the day. So I don’t need a fancy hotel room. I would spend more money on a hotel if I would go on a city trip in winter though.

Tropical or snow?

This is a hard one. I don’t like it when it is 30+ degrees Celcius because you can’t be very active when it is hot. I always feel tired when it is super hot. But on the other side snow is too cold. But I haven’t seen snow in years now. I mean, we had a little bit of snow but not like a good amount of snow. So that would be more special.

Adventure or relax?

Adventure! Being active makes me always feel so good afterward. And I really think that being active helps your body to relax. So it is the best of both worlds. And I am not that kind of person who likes to lay on the beach all day.  That is not just how I relax. I have to be productive.

Shopping or culture?

A couple of years I made the mistake in Londen to plan a shopping day. And we went to the Primark. We have a Primark in the Netherlands so it was kind of pointless. I want to see and do things that I can’t do in my own country. I can always go shopping in the Netherlands.

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