Desperados | Netflix movie

Title: Desperados
Actors: Lamorne Morris, Nasim Pedrad, Anna Camp
Director: LP
Writer: Ellen Rapoport
Genre: Romcom
My rating: 5.5/10


Wesley wants to find a man for herself. She realizes she doesn’t have a lot of time anymore when it comes to getting a baby. She goes on a blind-date with Sean, who decides that this is not going to work after just 5 minutes. When she walks away, she falls. Jared is helping her and Wesley likes him immediately. Jared is the perfect guy until he doesn’t respond to her texts anymore. She sends him an angry and awful email. But not much later she finds out that he was in a coma and is still in the hospital. She feels bad and wants to delete the email before he can read it. She takes the airplane to delete the email but that is a lot harder than she thought it would be.


Okay, Netflix is not the best at making romantic movies. I already knew this because of other Netflix originals. I just think they are better at making (romantic) series. And this movie wasn’t that great either. But I have to say that the second part of the movie was a lot better. But there is this part that includes a dolphin and it was so disgusting. It was not funny and definitely not something I want to see in a romcom.

And that was only the beginning. There are also scenes between Wesley and this little boy. And this little boy has a crush on her, but he wants to see her naked. And that is just too much. That was disgusting too.

There were a couple of good (not great) scenes, mostly at the end of the movie. In those scenes, you saw Wesley and Sean together. I love their chemistry and you can really tell that they have been a tv-couple before, in the series New Girl. Sean (Lamorne) was also my favorite in this movie because he was just ‘normal’. Sean is the guy you really want to date, not Jared. And Wesley is a bit much.

Do you want to watch a rom-com with your partner or during a girl’s night? Don’t watch this one. There are so many great romantic comedy’s and this is definitely not one of them. It kind of feels like this movie was written by group teenagers who still laugh about the word ‘sex.’ Disappointing but I liked the actors and they deserved a better storyline or a better movie.

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