Things heard and seen

Title: Things heard and seen
Actors: Amanda Seyfried, James Norton, Natalia Dyer
Directors: Shari Springer Berman, Robert Puicini
Writers: Elizabeth Brundage (Book), Shari Springer Berman
Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery
My Rating: 9/10

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Things heard and seen

Catherine moves with her husband George and their daughter Franny to the Hudson Valley but soon she realizes that something is going on in the house. She is afraid to tell George. But then she realizes it is there to protect her because her relationship is not healthy anymore and she discovers more and more about the awful things her husband did.


Every Friday night is a movie night for me and this week ‘Things heard and seen’ came out on Netflix. I decided to watch that one because I love Amanda Seyfried as an actress. This movie was longer than 2 hours, which is pretty long for me. Normally I only watch a shorter movie because of my attention span but I decided to watch it anyway.

I am also one of those people who spend more on their phone than actually watches the movie, especially when the movie is boring or just not interesting enough. But guess what? I didn’t even look at my phone once. I was so focused on the movie that the 2 hours flew by. This means, I actually liked this movie.

After watching a movie, I always look on the IMDB page to see what other people think of the movie. I never do this before watching the movie, because I want to give MY opinion and I don’t want to be influenced by others. And I am really happy that I didn’t read the reviews before watching this movie because there were quite a few negative reviews saying it was the most boring movie ever. This makes me think that I watched a completely different movie because I didn’t think it was boring.

First of all, the acting is great and convincing. It is not really a horror movie because it was not scary at all. But it was just very interesting to watch. This movie has supernatural elements but the focus is very much on feminism. People who have lived in the house before them were all couples and their marriage were far from perfect. All of the men living there didn’t treat their wives with respect and love. And now the spirits of the wives are ready to end this misery.

And I still have some questions that are unanswered like who is the other spirit in the house, but I also think I know the answers. Even though they never said this in the movie. And sometimes I hate it when I still have so many questions after a movie, but this time I didn’t really care. I think it is a great idea to leave some questions unanswered in these kinds of movies. It fits the genre.

Overall, I think it is a great movie and I really enjoyed it. Don’t expect something creepy, because you will be disappointed then. But watch this with an open mind. It didn’t let me down.

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