Things you can do on Halloween

Halloween is around the corner and this year it falls on a Monday, but that does not mean you can’t celebrate it. You have a whole weekend to do spooky things and get into the right (and scary) mood. These are things you can do on Halloween. If you don’t like scary/horror things, don’t worry. There are still enough things you can do during Halloween. And you can make every activity as scary as you want to. If you invite your friends over, be sure to check if they are okay with super scary things or not. You don’t want to scare your best friends away. Some people are not into horror things.

Things you can do on Halloween

Ghost hunt. Every year in my old town they organize a ghost hunt. Adults are dressing up as ghosts and other spooky characters and they hide in the woods. And the others have to walk this trail. There is an age limit for the one at night, but they also organize one for little kids that is less scary. But it is so much fun! The perfect activity for everyone who needs a shot of adrenalin.
Watch scary movies. It is not Halloween without watching a scary movie. Invite your friends for a scary Halloween movie night. And if you’re like me, there are also tons of great movies that aren’t so scary, but they are perfect for Halloween. The school for good and evil is a new movie that is just fun and not too scary or maybe you can watch Hubie Halloween. Both are available on Netflix.
Go to a Halloween party. Find the perfect one for this evening and go out with your friends. This is the perfect combination of having fun and dressing up for Halloween. And not scary at all!
Organize your own Halloween party. If there are no Halloween parties in your area, just organize your own. Buy Halloween decorations and invite your friends and add the dress code.
Visit a haunted house. When you say Halloween, I think about haunted houses. Find one and go inside and make it a challenge. Try not to scream while you’re inside.
Check everyone’s decorations for Halloween. I know Americans love to decorate for Halloween too, so if you’re in the United States, go outside and see how everyone decorated their houses.
Play creepy games. Maybe use an Ouija board. I am really scared to do this. I’ve seen too many horror movies and ouija board and it never ended well. But maybe you’re brave enough.
Take Halloween photos. Dress up and hold a photo shoot with your friends. Of course, I would recommend doing this in the middle of nowhere to make it extra creepy.
Halloween campfire stories. Sit around a campfire at night and tell each other scary stories.
Escape room. There are tons of escape rooms these days, so you might find a creepy one. And in this case, you actually have to use your brain too. Will you get out in time?
Write your own horror story. Are you spending Halloween alone (on purpose)? And are you in a creative mood? Start writing your own horror story.
Go to a graveyard. I’ve never been to a graveyard at night. It is creepy enough during the day. Maybe you can find out if there will be ghosts at night. But remember to be respectful.
Bake Halloween stuff. On Pinterest, there are tons of inspiration for a Halloween baking session. You can definitely do this alone or with friends/family.

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