Luck of the draw – Kate Clayborn | Book Review

Title: Luck of the draw
Author: Kate Clayborn
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Genre: Romance, Fake Fiancé
Pages: 245
My Rating: 6.5/10

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Luck of the draw

Zoe Ferris was a lawyer but she decided to quit after she won the lottery and she wants to say sorry to the family O’leary for the thing she did. When she is standing in front of Aiden’s house, she faints and he helps her. Aiden is still grieving about his brother, who overdosed, and wants to set up a camp for drug users to help them. But he needs a partner and suddenly he asks Zoe to be his fiancé for the next 6 weekends. But while they are pretending they are a couple, they start to get feelings for each other.


This book really started well and was promising. The moment when Zoe faints in front of Aiden’s house and he takes care of her was one of the moments I loved. There is something about a man taking care of a woman. It is what I am looking for in a relationship too. So it started really well. But I am going, to be honest, and say the middle part did nothing for me. The ending however was amazing again! So I have mixed feelings about this book.

There is also something sexy and mysterious about Aiden. He does not talk a lot, because he is shy. That is pretty sexy too. I was basically falling in love with the main character. Zoe was a good character too. She used to work for this awful company but after winning a lot of money, she decides to quit and find out what she really wants to do. She is trying to be a better person. And Zoe has great best friends (Greer and Kit) and I wish I had a friendship like that. That part actually made me almost cry at the end. They were really there for her.

So apparently this book is a part of a book series and I had no idea until I started to write this book review. This book is the second book in the series, so I missed the first book. The first book is about Kit and Ben. I guess the third book will be about Greer. I like those kinds of book series. The other day I read the book series about three best friends written by Ali Hazelwood. It was nice to read that the other friends would also get their happy ending. I wished I had read the first book first because now I already know Kit is ending up with Ben and I got to know them a little bit in this book too.

But if you love the fake fiancé/fake dating kind of book, this might be the right book for you. Although, I have to warn you that this is definitely not my favorite book in that kind of trope. As I said, the middle part was a bit boring. But maybe I will still read the other books about Kit and Greer because I read the comments saying the first book is better than this one.

Likes and Dislikes

Things I liked about this book:
– Fake fiancé trope
– The friendship between Greer, Kit, and Zoe
– Outdoors/camp feeling

Things I did not like about this book:
– The middle part was boring



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