Things I want to do differently this year – 2022

It is a beginning of a new year and while I think you can change yourself and your habits in any month, I also think that December/January are great months to reflect and see what is working for you and what you don’t want to do anymore. I did some self-reflection in December too and I have to say I learned a lot of things about myself and my life and it would be stupid to ignore those lessons. Self-growth is important too, otherwise, you might feel stuck in life. So these are the things I am going to do differently this year.

Things I want to do differently this year

1. Not wasting time online
I can’t remember how many hours I’ve wasted online in 2021. And sure, it is not always a bad thing. I allow myself to do anything I want to do a few days per month. I’m cool with that. But since the moment I downloaded TikTok on my phone, I spend a lot of time online at night. I go on TikTok at 8 pm, right after work, and then suddenly it is 3 hours later and I am not even kidding. That has happened to me so many times in 2021. And immediately I regretted I wasted so much time. Every time I think I just allow myself to watch TikTok videos for 10 minutes and suddenly it is hours later. But I also spent a lot of time reading the news in 2021. This is a thing that started right after the covid pandemic started. I was constantly checking the news for more updates and now it has become a habit and it is not a good one.

2. More social interaction with people in real-life and online
I create online content, but right after I uploaded my new content, I do something else. I rarely reply to my comments. I also never really interact with people I follow on those platforms. I want to change that too. I mean, it is weird I create content for them and then never reply.
I also want to go do things and meet new people and maybe try this app called ‘bumble’ where you can also meet other people. You can also use that app for dating, but also for making new friends or networking. And maybe I want to join a workshop or something.

3. Focus on happiness first
I use the Law of Attraction and I’ve watched a lot of videos about it. The thing is that it is always focused on manifesting things. And that method was not working for me. A few days ago I found a video about how this woman uses the law of attraction to feel better, to attract happiness, love and joy. Yes, right after that she also starts to manifest her dreams but that was not her main goal. Her main goal was to feel good. I mean, if you feel great it feels like you are on top of the world and you feel more confident and you are just in a good mood for no reason. That is why I want. What is the point of manifesting money if you are not happy?

4. Do more fun things & be more active
A few years ago I had a burn-out and I was feeling very anxious and depressed. Then in 2020, I was ready to do more fun things again and then Covid came. But I also realized I was not ready to step out of my comfort just yet. It would still give me panic attacks. But now I am so ready! I made a whole list of things I still want to do. Some of those things are small and other huge things. I can’t wait to do a few things on that list in 2022.
In 2021 I was also pretty inactive. I would not call myself lazy, because I think that was not the case. But I could have been more active and spent more time outside and doing things. I was mostly glued to my screens.

5. Work smarter & achieve my goals
All the time I was feeling stressed about my own business and it was not a great feeling. I felt a lot of pressure and I know that was my fault. But even writing a blog post-last-minute was not working for me. Halfway in December, I decided to change this. I was not enjoying creating content anymore. I immediately started to create content in advance. Not doing things last-minute anymore. And hopefully this way I enjoy creating content again and maybe I can achieve my goals too. Because I still want to become a full-time online content creator. I also want to be more active again on my YouTube channel again. It’s been a while since my last video and I kind of miss it. Even though I had only 2 views on each video. But the last couple of days/weeks I’ve been thinking about my channel a lot. So I take it as a sign I have to create videos again.

6. Taking care of myself
As I said before I am going to focus on happiness, love and joy, which means I am going to work on my mental health every single day. Even when it is just for a few minutes. I always compare it to going to the gym and working on your sixpack. If you don’t do this regularly you will not get that sixpack. If you want a better mindset, you have to work on it too. And not stop when you think you are done. This is something you should do for the rest of your life. And besides working on my mindset, I will also take better care of my body. I will exercise more and eat healthier (and probably trying to go vegan for real this time).

These are the things I want to do differently in 2022. Is there one thing you want to do differently this year?

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