Rebelde – Season 1

Title: Rebelde
Actors: Azul Guaita Bracamontes, Franco Masini and more
Director: Santiago Limón
Writers: José Miguel Núñez, Pericles Sánchez and more
Genre: Drama, Teen, Music

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A group of teenagers got accepted into this school for talented people who want to make music. Jana, who is a huge star, also got accepted. Together with Esteban, Luka, MJ, Andi and Dixon, she forms a new band. But on the first night, someone (a secret club called the Lodge) is already trying to sabotage them. But they have no proof and the school principal does not believe them right away. They are trying to find proof before the Lodge is going to ruin their career dreams, which is to win the competition to win a record deal.


When I was watching the first episode of this show last weekend, because I was not feeling great that day, I thought it was going to be like the other Netflix series called ‘The Greenhouse academy’. That show is about a school for very smart and talented people who are going to be a leader in this world one day. But I also thought it was a bit too childish for me. I think that show was more for teenagers. I got the same vibe with Rebelde but I don’t think it is just for the younger teenagers because one girl got naked and there were sex scenes. But at the same time, I still got the same vibe because it is a school for talented people who like to make music. They have to create a band and enter a competition to win a record deal.

So, on one hand, I thought it was a bit too childish for me, but at the same time, I was also interested in this show. There are a few reasons why I kept watching it. First of all, it is in Spanish and I think the Spanish language sounds amazing. Second, the styling is cool. I like the outfits and the hairstyles. And there were only 8 episodes and I just needed a break from everything and this was a good distraction. And there were no other shows on Netflix I wasn’t interested in.

I have to say I did not enjoy the storyline that much. It could have been so much better. And some actors were more interesting and better at acting than the others. Jana and Esteban were supposed to be the leading characters, I think. But they were pretty boring and superficial. Although, Esteban’s story gets more interesting later in this show. I liked Andi, Luka and Dixon the most. But to be honest, most of them weren’t likeable at all and I had zero connection with them.

This is a remake of the Rebelde show from 2004. I’ve never seen that show, but other people did and they did not like this remake that much. Most of the times remakes are ridiculous and bad and apparently the original version of Rebelde is so much better than this one. Before this show came on Netflix, I saw people talking about it on YouTube I believe. I remember they were talking about how exciting they were to watch this. It was nostalgic to them. That was the reason why I wanted to see it too. The original was so good and I wanted to see what the hype was about. Turns out, I am disappointed. Maybe this remake was really bad compared to the original. But I have no idea where I can watch the original, so I was not able to compare the shows before writing this review.

So there are a few aspects of this show I did like and some things I did not like about this show. But in my opinion, the story comes first, before the styling and everything else. It is not worth watching something that has great lighting and styling but has an awful or boring plot. In my opinion, I kind of wasted my time watching this. On the other hand, I was not feeling great and there was nothing else I could do that day. But if Netflix decides to produce another season, I am not going to watch it.

And maybe it is just me. Maybe teenagers will like this and maybe I am too old for this now. Maybe I would have liked it when I was still a teenager. Who knows. But for someone who is almost 30, this was not the kind of show I wanted to watch. But I am also a bit confused about the sex scenes. Because this is more a show for teenagers but with the sex scenes that is a no go for the younger teenagers. So who is the target audience for this show? I have the feeling the makers also have no idea.

Overall, I liked the details of the show like the styling but the storyline was too boring and too superficial for me. I was expecting a little bit more. Especially because people were loving the original series. It turned out as a bad remake. But maybe you like this show if you liked ‘The Greenhouse academy’ too and if you are okay with nudity and sex scenes. But this is not a show I would recommend to other people.



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