100+ things you can do alone

things you can do alone
Sometimes you don’t want to hang out with someone or maybe nobody has the time to hang out with you. You can sit at home alone or you can do something by yourself that day. Of course, there are obvious things that you can do alone like reading, but there are so many things more than you can do alone. It might feel a little weird to do stuff alone but you get used to it and eventually you stop caring what other people might think of you. And trust me, they don’t care. Have you ever thought that someone is a loser because he/she went to the cinema alone? I never did. I always worry about myself, as everyone else does.

100 things you can do alone

  1. Make a puzzle
  2. Running
  3. Watch vlogs on YouTube
  4. Write in a diary
  5. Go to a museum
  6. Go to the cinema
  7. Make birthday cards
  8. Watch your favourite kids’ movie
  9. Sell stuff
  10. Go swimming
  11. Make a playlist on Spotify
  12. Order food
  13. Make a mood board
  14. Buy a new perfume
  15. Go to a flea market
  16. Write down your dreams and analyze them
  17. Walk/hike
  18. Youtube Yoga session
  19. Travel
  20. Donate blood
  21. Book a massage
  22. Go to the sauna
  23. Social media clean up
  24. Make TikTok videos
  25. Take new photos for Instagram
  26. Read blogs
  27. Digital detox
  28. Raise money
  29. Buy groceries for someone else
  30. Manicure
  31. Pamper yourself with body lotion
  32. Powernap
  33. Meditate
  34. Read books about self-improvement
  35. DIY project
  36. Try a new recipe
  37. Go to a free concert or festival
  38. Visit a church
  39. Go shopping in a different city
  40. Finish a project you started
  41. Watch a new show on Netflix
  42. Colouring for grown-ups
  43. Make a bucketlist
  44. Watch a docu
  45. Go to a city you’ve never been before
  46. Go to a public garden
  47. Explore a new neighbourhood
  48. Go to the gym
  49. Try a new sport
  50. Read your favourite child’s book
  51. Take a long hot bath
  52. Clean up all the files on your computer
  53. Listen to an audiobook
  54. Go to the library
  55. Go to a free reading
  56. Make a sudoku
  57. Book an appointment for a facial
  58. Hire a personal shopper
  59. Get a cup of coffee from your favourite place
  60. Geocaching
  61. Buy new plants
  62. Start your veggie garden
  63. Use a face mask
  64. Go to bed early
  65. Write a card to someone
  66. Bake cookies to give away
  67. Redecorate your room/house
  68. Clean whole apartment
  69. Get up early to watch the sunrise
  70. Experiment with make-up and hair
  71. Make a shopping wishlist
  72. Listen to an album
  73. Read a book
  74. Stretch
  75. Print your favourite photos
  76. Organize your closet
  77. Make a vision board
  78. Start a bullet journal
  79. Start hand lettering
  80. Solve a Rubik’s cube
  81. Learn to play an instrument
  82. Make a photo album
  83. Make a list of your goals this year
  84. Make yourself lunch and eat it at the park
  85. Go to the place you were born
  86. Go to the theatre
  87. Sit at a park and watch people
  88. Bumble – meet new people
  89. Buy local products
  90. Plan your next vacation
  91. E-course
  92. Watch a movie from the IMDB movie top 250 list
  93. Look for new apartments online
  94. Dance party on your own
  95. Dance in the rain
  96. Practise mindfulness
  97. Write a song, poem or book
  98. Go for a bike ride
  99. Romanticize your life
  100. Start a YouTube channel
  101. Play with your pet

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