The Mother | Movie Review

The mother Netflix movie review
Title: The Mother
Actors: Jennifer Lopez, Lucy Paez, and more
Producer: Niki Caro
Writers: Misha Green, Andrea Berloff, and more
Genre: Thriller, Action
My Rating: 7.5/10

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The Mother

The Mother is about a woman who called the police when she saw something really bad. But now she has to fear for her and her daughter’s life. She puts her daughter through foster care and hides from the rest of the world in the middle of nowhere. Years later, there is danger. They found her daughter and they are trying to kidnap her. She has and wants to stop them and is willing to go far to do that.


Normally I watch romance and comedy movies. I rarely watch thrillers/action movies these days. But I like Jennifer Lopez as an actress. I loved her in ‘Maid in Manhattan’ and those other rom-com movies. This movie is nothing like that. I knew that before I decided to watch this. But honestly, I kind of enjoyed it. It shows that Jennifer can be in any kind of movie if she wants to.

The only bad thing is that this movie could have been shorter. Maybe around 90 minutes instead of almost two hours. The movie sort off lost my attention in the second half of the movie. I also just realized that Jennifer Lopez’s character is only named as ‘the Mother’ but there is no real name. Which kind of makes sense because she wanted to be unknown and safe. She was hiding from the bad people. Using her name could create a dangerous situation.

Was this the best movie ever? Definitely not! It is an average movie. I was maybe kind of expecting more. I still finished watching the movie. Recently, I have tried several Netflix movies but stopped watching them after a few minutes because it was boring or weird. But because they have Jennifer in this movie, I was kind of expecting a little bit more. Not an average Netflix movie. When Netflix creates a movie with huge names, I expect certain things. If you look from that point of view, it is kind of disappointing. 

But it could have been worse. There was one moment (at the end) that made me jump for a second. I believe that is where the girl tried to shoot someone. I did not see that coming, so that made me jump. This movie has a lot of action, but I would not call it a Thriller. Some parts weren’t believable. That guy who wanted to kill The Mother gives a whole speech before trying to kill her. If you want someone to do it, you just do that first before someone else kills you first. Also when Mother pulled her daughter onto the motorcycle while driving was kind of unbelievable. It looked too smooth on camera. In real life, they would have lost their balance and get hurt or something.

Overall, it was watchable but it did not blow my mind. I prefer to watch terrible rom-com movies over this probably. But for one time trying to watch something different, I guess it was okay.



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