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It is officially spring. This year it feels a little bit different because of Corona and the lockdown everywhere in the world. Luckily, here in the Netherlands, we can still go out for a walk, etc. And I notice how grateful I am for this beautiful season. Spring is definitely my favorite season. So I decided to make a Tag about spring. 

The happy spring tag

What is the first word that comes up when you think about ‘spring’?

Happiness. Spring is my favorite season so that is why I think of happiness. After 6 months of rain and cloudy days, the sun starts to shine more. It gets warmer and everyone is happier. The fact the sun is shining is making me happy. The weather is so much nicer and we spend more time outdoors.

What do you love the most about spring?

That everything starts to grow again. Trees are getting their leaves back, beautiful flowers everywhere. Cute little baby animals are born in this season, birds start to sing again. Everything comes back to life. That is how I feel and see it.

If spring was a perfume, how would it smell?

Sweet, but not too sweet. Floral scents I think. But very subtle. And I would definitely wear it.

What is your favorite nail polish color for spring?

Oh tough one, I love to wear nail polish. I think I would go for a happy color. Maybe pink or a pastel color. I just realize that I never wore yellow nail polish. Maybe that would be an amazing color to wear. But I think pastel colors are beautiful and perfect for the spring.

What is your favorite spring flower?

I love flowers. It is one of the reasons why my blog and social media name is ‘the Wildflower Hippie.’I think all flowers are beautiful but I have one favorite flower and that is the ‘Gerbera daisy’ This flower comes in all different kind of colors, which is amazing. For every mood, there is a different color basically.

What’s your favorite activity to do in spring?

I love to spend more time outside in spring but it really doesn’t matter what I am doing. I love to walk in nature and take photos, but I also love to sit in the garden and read a good book. Or when it is warm enough, I love to go to the park and have a picnic with my friends. As long as I am outside I am happy.

Unfortunately, the Corona lockdown rules apply to June 1st which means that spring is almost over when the (almost complete) lockdown is over. We still can go outside but we can’t hang at the park with friends. But I can still walk (alone) in nature and read a book in the garden.

Are you going to do a spring cleaning?

Yes, Actually. Just before I started to write this blog post, I decided to clean a little bit. I will do the rest (windows and mopping the floor) later this weekend. And it feels so good to do a spring cleaning. Everything feels brand new again and I love it when everything is clean. And recently I threw a couple of things away during a 30-day minimalism challenge that I didn’t need anymore and that felt also very good. It feels like a fresh start.

Extra: What is your favorite song at the moment?

While I am writing this blog post I am listening to Mumford and Sons, which is always a good idea. But Right now my favorite songs are:

The Weeknd – Blinding lights
Niall Horan – his whole new album

If you want to copy this Tag, go ahead but please give credits to the maker of this tag. (which is me.)





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