The flatshare – Beth O’Leary

Title: The flatshare
Author: Beth O’Leary
Publisher: Quercus Publishing
Genre: Romance, Drama
Pages: 432
My Rating: 6.5/10

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The Flatshare

Tiffy and Leon share a flat
Tiffy and Leon share a bed
Tiffy and Leon have never met…

Tiffy Moore needs a cheap flat, and fast. Leon Twomey works nights and needs cash. Their friends think they’re crazy, but it’s the perfect solution: Leon occupies the one-bed flat while Tiffy’s at work in the day, and she has the run of the place the rest of the time.

But with obsessive ex-boyfriends, demanding clients at work, wrongly imprisoned brothers and, of course, the fact that they still haven’t met yet, they’re about to discover that if you want the perfect home you need to throw the rulebook out the window…


I am going to be very honest with you. I started to read this book because I saw it everywhere on Instagram. And most of the people were loving this book. Well, sometimes there is a popular book that you won’t like. This is the one for me this year. I am not completely disliking it, but I wasn’t loving it either.

It took forever before the book got more interesting. I read 30% before I started to like it a little bit. So I definitely get that people will never finish this book. Because reading 1/3 of this book before it starts to get interesting is a lot. Of course, everyone is different and some will love this book instantly. It was just not my cup of tea.

Nothing was really happening except for a few notes that they were writing to each other. But those notes were super friendly. So yes, the part where it started to get interesting, was the moment when they were both in the bathroom (half)naked. 

Maybe the reason why I didn’t like this book that much was that I had absolutely no connection to the main characters. Tiffy has been working on a crochet book, getting it ready before the release date and Leon is a nurse. Both are completely different people. Leon is more introverted and shy and he only trusts a few people in his life. Tiffy is extroverted and she loves to talk. 

But I like I said, I had no connection with the main character. But I think the plot/story was pretty cute. It was not too difficult too read and once I was halfway in, the relationship between Leon and Tiffy started really to evolve. And the epilogue was super cute too.

So it was not because I hated the story. I just didn’t like that it took so long before it started to get interesting.  I’ve read better romance books and I am feeling a bit disappointed and sad that I didn’t like this book that much.



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