Sweet Magnolias – Season 2

Title: Sweet Magnolias season 2
Actors: JoAnna Garcia Swisher, Brooke Elliot, Heather Headley
Director: Norman Buckley, Mary Lou Belli and more
Writers: Sheryl J. Anderson, Anthony Epling, Sherryl Woods and more
Genre: Romance, Drama
My Rating: 7/5/10

Sweet Magnolias

Dana Sue, Maddie and Helen are back with another season of Sweet Magnolias. In the first season we could see how the three decided to start a business, a spa, together. And that was not the only thing that happened. We could see that Maddie was going to get a divorce from Bill and how she fell for new baseball coach Cal Maddox. Dana Sue has her restaurant beside the spa and she also met a new guy at the end of the first season. Helen was single again but we could see her wanting a baby. And then there was a lot of other drama that involved the kids of Dana Sue and Maddie. The cliffhanger was a huge car accident, we had no idea who was in the car.
In the first few seconds, we could see that Kyle and Nellie were in that car, but luckily they were okay. In the second season, there is enough drama in Serenity. Isaac is looking for his birth parents, Ronnie is trying to win Dana Sue’s heart back and Helen is trying to get pregnant.


What a season! I have to admit, I almost forget about what happened in the first season. Luckily, I write reviews about everything I read and watch. I mostly remembered the accident and I wanted to know who was in the car. Well, you find out within a few minutes. No big mystery there. But that was just the start of a lot of drama between the kids in this show. They are all teenagers and growing up is not easy, especially when your parents are getting a divorce.

I think at this point in my life I have become an expert in drama and romance shows and movies. I can predict what is going to happen. A few times I was not surprised when certain things happened, but luckily there were still a few moments that still surprised me. That was when I found out who the parents of Isaac are and the last episode. This season ends with a major cliffhanger again. But it makes me excited for season 3.
I liked Isaac’s story too and yes I was extremely shocked when I found out who his birth parents are. I did not see that coming, but I was enjoying the drama.

Noreen, the woman who gets pregnant with Bill’s baby, gets a bigger role in the second season. We see her struggling to be a single parent, but she gets a lot of help from the people in Serenity, even from Maddie.

There are a few little things that bothered me though and I had to write them down. But I don’t like the accent Bill is using. I am not an expert in accents, but it sounded very fake and forced. It annoyed me. I also hate the word combination ‘y’all’. Besides ‘soccer’ that is another word, I will never use.
I also don’t always like Dana Sue’s character. It is always someone else who is making mistakes and it is never her fault.
Dana sue overreacts sometimes a little bit. a great example of that is when she hears her daughter Annie kiss Jackson and she heard it from Ronnie (who is still her husband) but she made a big deal out of it. She and Ronnie also did not make the best decision. they wanted to keep their relationship a secret. They were still married on paper, but they broke a long time ago. But they wanted to keep it a secret from Annie, but then Annie comes home while they were making love on the couch. Not very smart, because they knew Annie could come home at any minute again and the living room is a shared space.

But this season did not let me down at all. I said it after watching Gilmore Girls, but after watching this I also want to move to a small American town. It probably looks better than it is because it is not much you can do in a small town, but still. It has something romantic I guess. I want to have the same kind of relationship that the three women have. They have each other backs no matter what. And I am pretty excited for season 3! This is the kind of show you want to watch on a lazy rainy Sunday.



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