String of Hearts – Roxie Clarke | Book Review

string of hearts roxie clarke
Title: String of Hearts
Author: Roxie Clarke
Publisher: White Free Press
Genre: Romance, Drama
Pages: 168
My Rating: 7/10

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String of Hearts

Avery loves plants more than most people and owns a plant store. Avery lost her husband Tevin just six months ago. One day she takes over a workshop because her colleague is sick. That is where she meets GraceAnn, Ryan’s daughter. They grew up together because Ryan was her brother’s best friend. Ryan also lost his wife, so they both know how they feel. Avery wasn’t sure if she would ever be ready again to date, but Ryan was definitely making thinking about it again.


Okay, this was a great read. First of all, I really liked that the main character Darcy loves plants. I do too. They make your apartment prettier and it is kind of fun to take care of them. Maybe it is sometimes a lot of work when you have many plants and have to water them all,  but it is worth it. So I already had one thing in common with Darcy. Which is a good thing. I feel that I can only like a book if I have something in common with one of the main characters or if the characters are very likeable. Thanks to this book, I kind of want to see if they are selling ‘string of hearts’ plants too right now. It is definitely on my wishlist now.

I also liked when Ryan said: Grief or Love doesn’t run on schedules. Because it is so true. Avery wasn’t sure if she would ever be ready to fall in love again. But when it happened, she thought it was too soon to have those feelings again. Maybe there will be people who find it not okay, but the thing is there is always a person who is judging your behaviour/actions. But it is your life and they are your decisions. 

If you know me a little, I am kind of liking short books at the moment mostly, because it will help me to reach my Goodreads reading challenge for 2023. Although, I am not only reading shorter books right now. Currently, I am reading ‘Things we never got over’ by Lucy Score and that is a pretty big book. Maybe one of the biggest books I’ve read in a while. Anyway, although I appreciate shorter books I have a feeling that I would have been okay if this book was a little bit longer. 

The two main characters both lost their husbands/wife, but they find love again. Right now, I feel like this book needs a little bit more depth and more chapters.  But honestly, that is the only thing I can think of right now. This is definitely the perfect book for plant lovers. I definitely enjoyed it.  And the story is kind of cute too. Two people who know each other fall in love later in life. And GraceAnn, Ryan’s daughter, sounded really mature. But I think in a believable way. She has lost her mom at a very young age. A lot of kids who have been through a lot, grow up very fast. 

Overall, I liked this book. It is definitely the perfect book if you like plants and you want to read something short. It has only 168 pages, You can finish this one in just a few hours. Which is perfect if you have an afternoon or evening off.




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