Happy Birthday to me (+goals)

Happy birthday to me
It was my birthday yesterday (Happy Birthday to me) and I had such a great day. I can’t believe how fast last year flew by. It really made me think about certain things. I have dreams and with some of them, I have been waiting for the perfect moment to achieve those dreams. But what is the point of waiting? It is useless. All that matters is this very moment.  You only live once. Very cliché but still true. You don’t want to waste your time and life. 

I am slowly adjusting to the fact I am really in my thirties. Last year, I was having a mental breakdown about turning 30. People make it sound like you are at the end of your life, but 30 is still very young. And that time I was feeling bad about not having what everyone else was having. I felt the pressure of finding the perfect husband, starting a family and living that basic life. But I realized that is just not me right now and that is totally okay. I have other dreams. As I said, I am still very young.

I think the past 12 months have been great. I have been working on my mental health a lot and it is definitely paying off right now. I feel amazing and so happy. It started to come together not too long ago, but it feels amazing. I really started to listen to my body and what it needs. But I also developed more disciplined. Normally, I would have stayed up watching Netflix, but I don’t do that anymore. These days I just read a book until I fall asleep, but it helps me to wake up full of energy. I’ve been trying a lot of things and I still am. Just to see what works for me and what I like. But I don’t think I have been feeling happier at this point in life. 

Goals before my next birthday

Moving to a bigger city
I already live in a smaller city and it is definitely a beautiful city. I always feel at home, but I kind of want to experience something else and more. Some of my goals are vague. I kind of have an idea of what I want, but it is not very specific. I want to move to a different city, but I am not sure which one. Right now, I am kind of thinking about Amsterdam or Rotterdam in the Netherlands. But I can dream big right? New York and/or London sounds fun too. the only problem is that I can only stay for a few months in those cities. But maybe it will be a fun experience. In this case, I just see where life is taking me. I just go with the flow

Finish writing my book
I am writing a book. I don’t spend a lot of time on it right now. I have other priorities. But I hope it will be finished before my next birthday. That would be very fun. It is a fiction book, but I also kind of have this vague idea of writing a non-fiction book. It is more of an idea for a self-help book, but that one is still in the very early stages.

Just be happy
For the last couple of days/weeks, I’ve been feeling amazing. I think I haven’t felt like this in a long time. I am feeling excited and extremely happy. It feels like I am on top of the world. Whatever I am doing right now, it is working for me. I feel like more and more great things are happening to me. Sure, a bad moment/day is just part of life. But I feel like I have been working on my mindset/mental health for so long and now everything is coming together. I want to continue this path of life and see where it takes me. 

And I feel like something big is going to happen to me. A lot of people achieve a lot of milestones when they are in their twenties (marrying, having kids, owning a house etc) and I feel like it is my time right now. 

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